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Everyday Ways to Help You Find Bargains

Updated on January 30, 2011

Groceries: A large weekly expense for many

For most of us, depending on the size of your family, the grocery bill is one of our larger weekly expenses. So when you can save on groceries, you've saved a nice chunk of change over the month.With very little effort you can cut at least $20 a week without even clipping coupons, unless you are already an expert at bargain shopping and if you are, three cheers!

Almost all grocery stores have unit prices for each shelved item, such as per ounce. When comparing prices from one brand to the next alway look at the unit price, not the total price per item. One brand may be 10 oz. and the other you are comparing to 13 oz. The unit price will show you the best deal. The same goes for when mulitples are offered at a "special" price. Figure the per item cost because sometimes the "special" is not really such a great deal.

When you walk into the store, pick up one of the sale papers off the stand. The items on the front page are almost always the best deals, put there to entice you into their store so that you will do all your grocery shopping there. Take advantage of those items, stock up extra if you have the money and the extra space at home. Now, don't get something just because it's on sale and a really great deal. If it's not something you will likely use, then it's not a bargain for you.

Soon to expire dated items are usually put in a bin or at one end of their section, such as the meat area or dairy section.These items are usually drastically reduced. If they don't sell right away the store just has to throw them out, so a little money is better than none to them. I like to take advantage of alot of these items, especially the meats or cheeses because you can take them home and put them right in the freezer until you are ready to use them, or if you know you will use them that day or the next. Milk and cream can also be frozen for later use.Some stores also may have a discontinued bin/basket/ or shelf area containing some very good deals on nonperishable items. These may be marked down anywhere from 50% to 90% off!

Using just these few tips without even clipping coupons I know you should be able to see the savings right away. Should you take the initiative to clip a few coupons and shop where they double your coupon value, just think how much you can save! Always remember though, if it's not something you will use, it's not a bargain.

Only shop on sale racks

Always limit yourself to the sale racks when shopping for clothing. Unless there is something specific that you absolutely NEED to have, there is no sense in paying full price when there is a similar item on sale.

Ask the sales person if the price could be reduced even more. It may not work, but what have you to lose for asking? Maybe there is a loose button, or some small minor flaw to justify asking, or just for being a good and regular customer could get the price reduced a little more for you.

Check out bargain basements, backroom sales, discontinueds, irregulars, end of season sales, going out of business sales, thriftstores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, flea markets and garage sales. All of these can help you to save on any item imaginable.

Entertainment Bargains

We all need to take time out of our week for some form of entertainment, be it a picnic in the park , a big event/show or dinner and a movie. There are still bargains to be found. As for movies, you'll find that most theatres offer an afternoon matinee at discounted prices as well as student and senior discounts. Dinner out also offers many options. You may not find a 2 for 1 special at that fancy french bistro, but maybe your local "mom and pop" italian restaurant/pizzeria has some specials to offer on their slower evenings, there are many chain restaurants that offer great savings on several menu items on certain nights or for a limited time with an all inclusive price for dinner for two. When you hear of a special deal on tv, jot it down so you can refer to it when deciding where to go on your next night out. Of course there are always pizza deals, if you don't have a coupon, just ask. You'll probably get their discount anyways.

Many local businesses offer discount coupons from $2 to $6 off or even more for local or nearby events. They are usually on the counter by check out and yours for the taking. So the next time the circus or rodeo or? is coming to town run down to your convenience store and see if they have some discount coupons, or listen to your local radio station(or call them)they may tell you where to get some coupons OR they may just have a contest to win free tickets. That's how I got to see Clint Black in concert, a radio contest, just answered a silly question. I forget what the question was now, but it was that simple.

Keep current -newspaper, radio,tv, internet

There are always bargains of any type to be found.It's mainly a matter of staying current either by word of mouth, local paper, radio, tv, internet, they can all help you find a great deal. I do hope you find this will help you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Happy hunting! Bargain hunting that is.


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