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Everyday things you can get for FREE...if you know where to look!

Updated on July 16, 2013

Bargain hunting at its best!

With the economy how it is today all over the world, getting discounts is a bonus. But getting FREE things is downright amazing. I have scoured the internet, my brain, my friends brains, and the dude down the streets brain to come up with some great everyday items you can get for free!


Kindle or Nook, the majority of the population has access to an ereader. I personally use the kindle program through my phone (which is free by the way so you don't have to pay for a Kindle or Nook reader!). But the book, though cheaper then their printed counterparts, are still pricey. But...

1. Did you know that your local library usually has a FREE lending section for ebooks? Check it out and see.

2. There are many lending communities out there for Kindle and Nook books! Check out and for books that are available for lending.

3. Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have free sections on their websites and eReaders where you can download tons of books for FREE.

4. Every Friday, Barnes and Noble has a Free Friday blog where they offer one free book!

5. Amazon does the same thing with a Free Kindle books (yes there is an S there!) of the week!

WiFi Internet

Internet is getting more and more expensive, especially considering that the average person now has a cell phone. tablet, ereader, AND computer that all need to connect. But despite us needing it more, companies are offering it more as well! I have found some great solutions to finding free wifi for you to use on a daily basis!

1. Restaurants - I can imagine the image of people in coffee shops with laptops out is what is popping into your head, but its not just coffee shops anymore that offer free WiFi. A lot of restaurants do it now in all their chains as well. Here are some of the ones I have found that are mostly if not completely nationwide.

McDonalds, Panera Bread, Cici's Pizza, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Denny's, Subway, Taco Bell, and IHOP just to name a few.

2. Airports and Hotels - Almost everywhere I have looked they offer free WiFi and if you are staying in a hotel that doesn't or wants to charge you then, trust me, there are plenty out there looking for your business that offer it for free!

3. WiFi finder sites - I have found some great sites that give you the ability to find free WiFi in your area. Check them out: WeFi and Wifi Hot Spot Finder

4. Local Library - Almost all offer free WiFi now for everyone to use instead of being stuck hardwired to one of their computers.

Free Movies

Going out the movies is getting more and more expensive, not to mention paying for the DVD's for home watching. But there are many theaters and websites out there that allow you to watch and download movies for free.

1. Kick Ass Torrents is a website that allows you to connect with a community and download movies for free via sharing networks. *Always check to make sure you are legally allowed to download a movie prior to doing so. I am not responsible for anything you may do based on this article.

2. Many movie theaters off free movies during the summer for kids. This is especially great because you get to get out and enjoy the day during the hot summer, while keeping costs to a minimum.

3. Open Culture is a website that has over 500 free movies online available to watch at any time. Check them out here:

Free Restaurant Deals

Dining out can be pricey but there are a lot of restaurants out there that give freebies, especially for military and birthdays!

1. Free Birthday meals - There are tons of restaurants that will give out a free meal on your birthday. usually you do have to sign up for this, but the perks can be worth it.

2. Deals for military - There are many restaurants want to to honor our military, especially on holidays relating to them. Memorial and Veterans days are huge for military deals! There are also many out there who have military specialty days where they offer deep discounts or free food for military on those days.

3. Kids Eat Free - Check for different restaurants that offer kids eat free deals.

Free Attraction Tickets

Everyone loves going places and the only thing that makes it better is when you get in free. There are quite a few that give freebies for military, police, fire.

1. Hero Salute - InBev Busch Parks offers free entrance to Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Sesame Place and Water Country USA. Check out their website here:

2. Free Concert tickets - There are many radio stations that offer free tickets to events that they have going on. Our local station does a HUGE concert every summer where they have opportunities for you to go and pick up free tickets at events.

3. Free Theme Parks - This website gives you access to all the deals at theme parks around the country and how to get them fast and best of all, FREE. Check out their site here:

Free TV Shows

Cable is super expensive now, but a lot of the TV shows that are free online or for a small fee. Netflix is huge but there are many more sites that don't charge the small fee that they do. While I do love Netflix, this is great for those who are looking for a completely free experience.

1. Hulu - Great TV, great movies, and FREE. Love them!

2. Sidereel - TV, movies and Web shows as well for free!

3. Crackle - Free and uncut TV shows.

Free College Courses

Who would have thought that you could get free college courses, online and in person, in this day in age? Well its possible! You just have to know where to look. There are even some top name universities that are offering free college courses!

1. Open Culture has a list of 500 free college courses available online from some of the world's leading universities. Check out the site here:

2. MIT Open Course ware - Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to take classes at the prestigious MIT?

3. Local Community colleges - They actually offer courses in a variety of subjects for free. Check out your local community college website to see which are offered in your state.

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    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Great hub! Who doesn't love free stuff?!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Very useful information! I didn't know about OpenCulture. Free college classes! Now that is cool!