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Everything Points to Buy Stocks Now.

Updated on June 30, 2009

great stocks are outside America

Stocks have risen on the aggregate above the last dive several weeks ago.  Select stocks in the U.S. are up over 80%. Traditional oil and gas high flyers, though up,  are not flying high as they were once depended on to do. foreign stocks are beating the Dow, and have been ffor several years.

China, India, Russia, and Brazil have been on a tear, though there have been brief pauses. This is an unprecedented time in world history, as countries traditionally held back by cultural reasons or natural geography, and political interests. 

All that is falling by the wayside as these emerging countries leiterally charge into the 21st century seeking parity or to surpass first world countries. They wish to dominate world markets in trade, finance, mining,  commodities, health, and domestic consumption.

China, Russia, and India  have dedicated to a growing military, whether for defense or for domination. In some areas, they have already succeeded by setting up partnerships with other mineral and natural resource rich countries.

Cuba, which the author mentions because it is a highly educated and potentially rich, U.S. partner, is mentioned because the U.S. must help this country to succeed or the opportunity will be lost to a foreign country, and soon.  Cuba poses little threat to the U.S., and never has, except for the political rants of ambitious and acquisitive men who wished for Cuba to remain a corrupt, U.S. satellite.

Already one can invest in Cuba, through an exchange rated fund under the symbol, CUBA.  all ties to our brothers and sisters in the South Americas should be revitalized as they were under President Kennedy.

Some countries have pulled their investments out of the United States to to protest our foreign policy. Others have been backing the United States as a defensive measure against all the dollars owed them by a once over- heated and debt ridden economy.

China and Japan have come out for the U.S., and even Russia, which has seen its own sudden growth slow, due to the collapse of expensive oil,  Russia ,however, is richly endowed with  minerals and has vast reserves of diamonds, gold, platinum, and uranium.

India has a rapidly growing middle class, thanks to the high education rate and the fact that workers will work for less there than in any other country, including China.

Brazil has huge reserves of oil but is becoming zero dependent on oil through the use of alternatively fueled automobiles. Weeds and wild grass is made into ethanol and sold cheaply.

China, is rich because the people are frugal and they save.  The country has exported commodites for many years.  They are cash and gold rich and the people are moving to the cities to take advantage of job opportunities that pay ten times what they made on a the farm.

Any of these countries are easily invested in.  See your broker or check out Google Finances for more detailed information on investing.(this is not a solicitation to buy this or any other stock or use of a broker).


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