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Loan Trackers

Updated on July 31, 2016

What are Loan trackers

Loan tackers are softwares or applications which helps users to track and manage their loan. These basically record your loans (automatically or manually) and does all the calculations and shows you instalments and when you finalise, it sends you regular reminders about the due payments and current status. Loan trackers also send you reports about you investments and shows you graphs and charts, Some also predicts you future balance, etc on basis of your past investments.

There are many personal finance and budget apps are available in market like splitwise and money view, but none allows you to record and track loans, There is only one which does, Its Exilend. Only this app allows you to track your loans and that too completely free. It also sends you very extensive reports and notifications. It has an awesome blog too from where you can get really good articles about personal loans and finance.


P2P Lending

P2P lending (peer-to-peer lending), also known as social lending or community lending, is a term used for the practice of money lending by individuals via services that connect lenders and borrowers directly. Traditional financial institutions like banks or funding societies who provide these services act as the only interface for either party, and charging some amount as fee or commission. This is where P2P / social lending differs from the usual lending/borrowing paradigm, as the service provider is either a third party or no party to the transactions.

In the current market, we have lenders who are willing to lend their surplus money if offered a good rate of interest, as well as borrowers in need of money. Typically, people will either go to banks to save/loan money, or lend/borrow money to/from their friend/relative circles. P2P lending services provide a systematic way to manage finances for the latter type of transactions.

... Read the complete article at Exilend Blog


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