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Make Extra Money While Helping Your Neighbors

Updated on May 11, 2011

This article is geared for teenagers, but if you're an adult and hard up for cash this might be useful to you too.When you go to the neighbors looking for odd jobs, start with the neighbors you know and are familiar with. After that you can try the neighbors you don't know, but use caution. 

Now the most obvious jobs you can do for your neighbors is babysitting and lawn mowing. But here are some other jobs you might not have thought about.

Washing Cars

This is a job you can do right in their driveway. Make sure you bring all the supplies you need like soap, buckets, sponges, and rags. You can also charge extra for cleaning the interior and/or waxing. And make sure you let them know that you won't waste any extra water.

Window Cleaning

Not too many people like to clean their windows. So you might get some good business. Make sure you bring supplies. You can charge $1 per glass for example.

Dog Walking

Some people enjoy walking their dogs and some people might not have time. So you might have some luck if your neighbors want their dog walked.

Pet Washing/Grooming

Washing pets can be a pain. So you just might have some luck from your neighbors by washing their dogs or cats. Besides the normal supplies, you might want to invest in some kind of plastic tub. This way, depending on the circumstances you can do the pet washing outside.


If you are good in certain school subjects or you have some special skill, you can give learning lessons to the neighbors' younger children.

Swimming Lessons

This is a good job if you have a swimming pool or you have access to one that is close by. It's very important that children learn how to swim. And if you're a good swimmer this might be a good job for you.


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