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Extreme Couponing Realistic Style!

Updated on February 19, 2013

I think everyone now has seen at least one commercial for “Extreme Couponing” and has thought to themselves, “That will be my new money saving hobby!” Seriously who would not want to get a ton of groceries for pennies on the dollar. However, most parents do not have the time nor energy to make that their full-time job. You have to think that it will take hours upon hours to clip, collect, organize, shop, and store all of the items and coupons. Not to mention many of our homes are not big enough to equip more junk than we already have.

However, in reality you can save a decent amount of money with coupons without making it your full-time job. Plus you will not have to get a while other house to store your load of goodies either.

Use your local paper

Your local paper will be a great resource for most of your coupons. That is if you take the time to clip and store them. It will only take you an hour tops a week, which will allow you time to clip coupons for the things you normally buy and place them in the envelope for later use. Another way you can clip coupons is grab the paper before you are heading out to the store and flip through it. Here you will be able to remove the coupons you are going to use for your trip and toss the rest.

Many department stores have their ads on display in the stores entrance. Just by picking up their circular and looking through it can also help you save money and it only takes a couple of moments to look through at most.

Subscribe to stores you shop at often

Now a days every stores have a Facebook fan page or even a weekly newsletter where you can find their specials for the week. If you can spare a couple of minutes throughout the day to look through the emails you will find out what are their weekly specials. Most of the time you they will send you coupons too along with their weekly specials.

You can also see if your local stores have loyalty programs. For example, CVS offers a rewards program. You get so much back for all purchases and you will be able to spend that in the store after every quarter. This is good for people who spend a lot of time shopping at that particular store.

Pay attention to in-store coupons

Many consumers think that the coupons that are hung and displayed throughout the store can also be found in the stores ad, but that is wrong. Most times they cannot be found in the ad, so you have to take them when you see them. When in doubt always grab one, you have nothing to lose.

Here is your own little realistically way to be an “extreme couponist.” Always remember to live within your means. Yes, sometimes you find a great deal, but you will never need forty shampoos!!


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