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Extreme saving tips

Updated on September 3, 2015
Change Jar
Change Jar | Source

Saving money is easy for some people and for others it seems almost impossible. If you are living paycheck to paycheck you know how stressful it can be. There are so many ways to save money but here are some of the more extreme ones.

Sell everything

Post all your unused items on craigslist, Kijiji or your local classifieds site. What to sell:

  • The instrument sitting in the corner of the room that you barely ever play
  • Electronics you never use - Old game console and games, iPod, cell phones, chargers, accessories
  • Kitchen appliances - microwave (let's be honest you can live without it), coffee machine you used once, excess pots/pans/glasses/cutlery
  • Clothing and shoes you do not wear
  • Sporting equipment you do not use

Why do we hold on to so much we do not need or use anyway?

Subscriptions & Memberships

Cancel all subscriptions & memberships that are costing you money.

  • Netflix & Cable TV - Cancel them. Draw, paint, play cards, exercise instead.
  • Magazines - Who has magazine subscriptions these days?
  • Gym memberships - End them early if you can. Go for a run and do some crunches and squats.


Never use another banks' ATM, only use your banks ATM and you will avoid those fees. You will be surprised how much those fees add up each month. Find out how many transactions you get per month with your bank account and only use that many.


Plan your meals for the week and only shop for those items, choose meals with the least number of ingredients and the least expensive ingredients. Meat? Sorry, you are vegetarian now. Cheese? Nope, too expensive.

"Would you like a that in a bag?" No, you would not, is the answer unless you would like to pay 0.05c. Take your own bags.

Grow Fruits & Vegetables

If you have the space to grow your own fruit and vegetables do it. Especially the ones you buy the most of.

Here are some vegetables that are fairly easy to grow even indoors:

  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Herbs


When the item is $100.07c you will pay $100.05c if you pay cash because it is rounded to the nearest .05c. If you pay card you will pay the exact amount of $100.07c as they don't round up or down when paying on card.

Saving 0.02cents you say? Yes that is right. Winner.

On the other hand if the amount is $100.98cents then pay with your card, if you pay cash here it will be rounded up to $101.

Make your own

Learn how to make your own soap and other cleaning products. Make them with all natural ingredients and they will be much better for your health.

For instructions on this just google "how to make your own soap".

Swap services

Swap services with friends - do you have any special talents you can offer in exchange for another service?

  • Swap accounting services/tax return for plumbing/electrical work
  • Hair services
  • Music lessons

Before money people bartered for things they needed - heck, swap 2 chickens for 1 goat or whatever. You know what I mean.

Morning Coffee

You have two options here; instant or give it up. Simple as that.


You do not need that much on your brush, a pea size amount works perfectly.

Finished the tooth paste, nothing left in the tube you say? Wrong. Cut the tube in half and scoop out the excess with your toothbrush. You can probably get 4 extra brushes out of each tube.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Just like with the toothpaste if you think you have finished it, you haven't. Open the top, run the water, cup one hand to catch some water and hold the opening of the bottle to the water and gently squeeze the bottle. This will suck in water from the pool you created in your hand. Close the top and shake. This takes the excess shampoo/conditioner off the inside of the bottle and gives you a mix you can use for 2 extra washes.

Even better, start collecting the shampoo, conditioner and body lotion bottles from other people's hotel stays/vacations. Be sure to annoy friends and family with constant reminder messages while they are on vacation.


Here's one for the families out there. Turn 1 litre of milk into 2 litres. Pour half a litre into an empty milk container (which you saved), put 2 scoops of powdered milk into a separate jug, add 1 litre of water and whisk until no longer lumpy. Pour the mixture into both remaining half litres of milk. Voila you have 2 litres. If you think your family will taste the difference.. they won't.

Change Jar

Keep a Jar at home for your loose change, at the end of each day empty your pockets and whatever loose change is in there goes in the jar. Do not dip into the Jar, once it's full take it to your bank and put that money into your savings account. Take the Jar home and repeat. You will be surprised how quickly the jar fills and how much even the smallest amounts of change add up to a nice sum.

Going out

Do not go out.. Ever.

  • Forget about going out for dinner and drinks with friends just cook at home instead.
  • Entertain at home - invite friends over for dinner and ask everyone to bring a dish to share. Make it a weekly event and rotate the host among your group of friends.
  • Don't go to the movies, wait for them to be available online and watch at home.


If you take transit to work every day be sure to buy the monthly/yearly pass rather than the daily ones. They save you money in the long run.

Better yet walk or ride your bike to work, it's free.

Car & Insurance

Have your own car? Sell it and cancel the insurance. Then see "transit" above.

Electricity Bill

  • Open the blinds during the day rather than turning on the lights
  • Turn the lights out when you leave a room

Credit Cards

Hold your credit card in one hand, a pair of scissors in the other and start cutting. Pay them off and never get those evil things again.

Do not buy presents

This may seem harsh but if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you can't even buy yourself nice things then why do that for others. I know it's nice to give to others but people will understand.

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Anniversary.. forget about it!


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