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Updated on May 6, 2011

The man with the loud voice.

 There is always one is there not? In my recent case it was the passenger with the loud voice on our plane to Turkey.He wanted all in the flight to know how little he had paid for his flight.This clearly came as unpleasant news to others who had paid more, much more! Our loud friend then took to telling people that they were fools who had not done their homework, thus endearing himself to . everyone in his range.Indeed, at one point, a steward approached him with a request to lower the volume but to no avail.You get the picture!


The events above made me think however, for it seemed almost everyone had paid a different price for the same service. That, it seems is the way the industry feels comfortable in carrying out business.

For some time now we have used the internet, dealt direct with airlines and bought early to secure a decent rate. Thus, the principle of willing buyer, willing seller holds good and I have always been content with what  I settled on and took the view that if someone else saved a bit more than me then so be it. However, it seems that there may be more to it in this industry, which seems to be run along lines previously undertaken by buccaneers. If that is so, then passengers must think again. The link below here gives not only an insight into airline bosses thinking regarding customers, but as a result offers ideas to take them on at their own game.

Situations ,of course differ, but to avoid people like our loud fellow passenger outdoing you, it is well worth considering things from a different standpoint if you wish to get the best for your cash. Budget airlines growth has made us all aware that to the company, passengers are simply commodities and are there to be sold to at every opportunity.. That being the case, then all the more need to ensure that what you pay for your seat in the first case is at a level that does not disadvantage you. The airlines are constantly seeking to keep ahead of passengers and so learning about their thinking can not only keep you level but assist in saving your hard earned cash. The advice has to be, make sure you know what their angles are and act accordingly. Good reading and good luck.We all need that in this jungle.


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