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FOREX trading in Saudi Arabia and Arabic FOREX trading courses

Updated on December 6, 2010
FOREX trading in Saudi Arabia
FOREX trading in Saudi Arabia

Arabic FOREX trading courses for Saudi Arabians

When it comes to FOREX trading in Saudi Arabia one of the main obstacles faced by traders is the language barrier. If you are not fluent in English learning FOREX trading could be quite a task. There are very few currency trading courses in Arabic and it is relatively hard to find them as well. In this article I will discuss about FOREX currency trading in Saudi Arabia, online FOREX brokers in Saudi Arabia and also where you can find FOREX learning material in Arabic. As I have mentioned numerous times in my articles FOREX trading is a great way to make money, but if you are not careful and get too greedy then it can lead to huge losses as well. Always take some time to learn about trading, practice using a demo accounts and be prudent when investing your money. If you are cautious and make informed decisions then you have a great chance of making money currency trading. You don't have to be fluent in English, you just need some good knowledge of mathematics and some common sense to spot a good trade from a bad trade.

Online FOREX broker in Saudi Arabia

There are many online FOREX brokers but very few FOREX brokers have material in Arabic language. There are many things to consider when choosing a FOREX broker but Arabic language support should be there if you are not fluent in English.eToro is one of the few online FOREX brokers that offer trading courses in Arabic and obviously this is a great advantage for Arabic users. Arabic support is not the only reason for choosing eToro, it was awarded the most innovative trading platform in 2010 after competing with many other currency trading platforms. Also because of its very friendly user interface it is considered one of the best FOREX platforms for beginners. Having said that is has a expert mode as well for people who are already familiar with trading. Click here to download eToro for free.

Advantages of eToro

Below are few reasons to choose eToro asĀ  your FOREX platform.

  • User friendly interface, perfect for beginners to understand the charts and numbers
  • 50% bonus money for the first deposit, up to 1000$. That means if you deposit 2000$, you will get a 1000$ bonus.
  • FOREX courses in Arabic and many other languages to learn the basics and advanced strategies
  • Expert mode for people who are already familiar with trading
  • Free demo account to practice your strategies
  • Chatting facilities with other members so you can make an informed decision about the trading

As you can see there are plenty of advantages for using eToro, most innovative FOREX broker in 2010. Download and try eToro now.

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