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Updated on October 28, 2014


A new form of doing business is freelancing. It a way of doing business when one does not want to invest a lot of money.A lot of people really want to concentrate with their passion and not have to do any management.Freelancing allows one to follow their passion and at the same time build a business.

Freelancing is great in that niche skill have a high demand thus in trade of one's skills one can actually get paid handsomely.The internet has been a major floor in promoting freelancing. People who are great in fields like programming or writing can actually sell their skills.The internet has also made it easier to acquire experts as the search is global and not restricted as physical employment.Interviews are carried out and weeding out of the candidates is achieved in cheap and short time.

The benefits are that one can basically start from their own home with just a computer and one's skills as capital.Using the internet and some marketing skills one can start to earn right from their living room.Another advantage is the flexible hours, one can choose to work a number of hours a day or work at night.This requires self discipline too as their are a number of distractions in the house like kids,entertainment or random visitors.The ability of providing oneself with a good working climate is vital in freelancing that is why one needs to find time that they will observe extreme silence and privacy to do their work.One can also go on vacation whatever time they want and for as long as they need.A lot of freelancers do this, they enjoy their life in company of their loved ones with a lot less demand on their times, it is because of these that stay at home businesses are actually a boom. The mom can stay at home to take care of their children at the same time earn a living.

Disadvantages are that getting started and landing the first job is quit difficult. It requires a lot of patience as it can take months before one can establish themselves.Work flow still depends on the socio-political climate thus might be difficult if things are not going well.There are also scenarios where the rates one is charging are not popular.The web is filled with guys from all over the world who might charge lower, this will push one to compromise on their fees to actually have a competitive edge.There is always the usual hindrance like client management. Dissatisfied clients might ruin ones reputation which is like a CV in the web.Clients will always give feedback which is accessible by future or potential clients thus client interaction is also an issue to be considered.Finance management and taking care of ones resources also can be an obstacle. As with traditional problems of business, if resources are not utilized according to the budget the risk of ones venture to go under increases.

With the advantages and disadvantages considered one will get to understand that freelancing does not mean less work but more.But if one can plan and execute well there is no reason why freelancing cannot be considered less hassle as other businesses.



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