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Facts about being rich

Updated on September 14, 2015

Money really affects the way we live here on earth. The only thing most people know about money is that they need it to solve one problem or the other. How happy you will live on earth is determined by the amount of money you have. [Money determines how happy you will be and not how joyful you will be because joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.] You need to know facts about money. Many people have a wrong interpretation about this thing called money. They have gone to the extent of saying that money is god and not good. Money is not good neither is it god but it possess the nature of its holder. If a gun goes into the hand of a haired soldier, he will use it to protect the citizens of his country. And if that same gun enters the hand of a criminal, he will use it to rob the citizens. The same machine handled by different individual, have different functions. That is; if a good man have money, he will use it and do good things. But if an evil man has money, he will use it to propagate evil.

One of the facts about money is that money is a defense. Money protects a man physically; the most protected person on earth is the one that have lots of money in his/her possession. Money gives you a kind of protection that ordinary man do not have. Can you think of kidnapping the president of America? Even though you are the most talented assassin or you were born as an assassin in the sense that you came out of your mother’s womb with AK47 machine gun in your hand. Before you can think of attempting such thing, the first thing that will run through your mind is the kind of security he has.

When you have money there are places you won’t live. You can’t see people like Bill Gate, president Obama, Stevekal, Brain Tracy, etc. living in places like Ghetto. Any body living in Ghetto does not have any atom of protection. Criminals can walk in and out of your house. But if you are rich, your house will be exception if criminals are operating in town because they knew the type of security you have. So you wealth is your protection.

Remember that it takes money to build good house with good fence and gates. It takes money to buy good clothes and eat good foods. There are houses that mosquitoes can not enter. This means that your money have given you protection over mosquito which would have transmitted malaria to you. There are places you will live and you will be free from mosquito bites. Money gives you protection from armed robbers, sickness and disease. There is a kind of house you will live in and witches can’t just enter there to suck blood. If they tried it, they will be transformed. Money also gives you a defense from gossips. You won’t have time for them neither will they see you.

The second fact about money is that money answers all things. There are things you can’t command if you don’t have money. There are presidents of countries that will be glad to have a handshake with men like Bishop David Oyedepo, Bill gate, Ben Carson etc. these men have what it takes and every thing answers to their calls. When they calls, whether convenient or not, you just have to answer. When you are rich, you will lack nothing expect what you don’t desire to have. Whatever you desire and when you want it you get because you have what it takes. Have you heard a rich man that says “how I wish I can drink tea this morning or how I wish I can rest this morning”. Most of the times, a poor man eats what he doesn’t want to eat at that time. That’s why they say “I wish I can do this or that”. In their mind, they want to eat vegetable source and big turkey meat with juice to send it down to the appropriate quarters. But because the money is not there, they just eat the thought of bread (there is a big difference between bread and the thought of bread. The thought of bread is what looks like bread but not the original bread men of influence do eat) with a bottle of coca-cola while their pocket lack the ability to execute or fulfill that their heart desire. To such people, so many things won’t answer their calls.

Thirdly, money is a tool to do good. When you have money you do good to people around you. There are lots of people wants you to succeed in life so that their life will be bettered. The psalmist said “in thy light we have light” there are people that will be rich just because you are rich. The bible said some thing concerning Lot. “And lot who also went with Abraham became rich”. There are lots of people who your prosperity will affect positively. If you are rich like Aliko Dangote, you create business opportunity for the members of your country. You give hope to the poor masses. Money is a tool to do good. With money you can send children to schools, take care of the motherless and the jobless. With money you can build schools, companies, hospitals. You own transport companies and at the end of the day, you employ thousands of people in this companies.

The fourth fact about money is that money will make you see business opportunities. If you are reading this write-up, and you don’t have much money, do you know that there are things/business you can’t just invest into. Not necessarily because you don’t have the knowledge to run such business but primarily because you don’t have the money. Except men who have built their faith, there are things God will tell you to do, and after checking your pocket, you will tell God that it is not yet time. (Am talking to those whose faiths have not been exercised, though we all have the same measure of faith but there are differences in productivity as a result of constant usage.) This is the very reason why the rich keeps getting richer day by day; because they come in contact with business opportunities everyday. It’s either they are buying or selling. When you have money, you see opportunities where to invest money and affect lives. The more money you have, the more business opportunities. And the less money you have, the lesser business opportunities; because your focus and plans will be based on how much you have in your account.

Finally for now, one of the most important facts about money or prosperity is that God wants you to have it. “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your Soul prospers” So God primarily will for our life is prosperity. I thought He would have wished us to be health first before been prosperous. But He wished first of all for us to be wealthy which will make us to be healthy. People say healthy is wealth but from God’s point of view, wealth is health. When you have money like we said before, there are places you won’t live, environments that can make one fall sick. When you don’t have money and you are owing your landlord, when he come to your house very early in the morning to ask for the house rent, if care is not taken, you may fall sick that very moment. Little financial challenges will make you have high blood pressure. But God’s plan is for us to prosper, have enough and more than enough.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great money making ideas.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is a great hub. Money means choices. The more money one has, the more choices h/she has. Money also opens the doors to opportunities that one wouldn't have if h/she was poor. There is so much negativity associated with having money which is untrue and totally fallacious. Money means having better access to health and medical care. It means travel to any place in the world that one desires.

      It also means never having to settle for mediocrity regarding work. Money makes one more discriminating in terms of lifestyle choices and options. Money means better nutrition which means less sickness, illness, better health, and a longer life. It also means a higher quality of life. Money does indeed buys happiness and lots of it. Again, excellent article which should be required reading for all. Smart young man you are.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      money talks, when you have money people looks up on you


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