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Fantastic Sams Coupons

Updated on July 15, 2010

Want to save on your next haircut at Fantastic Sams?  Use the information on this page to get Fantastic Sams coupons.  Fantastic Sams is one of the largest hair salon chains with 1300 locations throughout the U.S.  They provide a full service of haircare options for the whole family including haircuts, styling, and coloring.  Fantastic Sams salons are individually owned, so prices and coupons offered do vary by location.  Read on to learn about the printable and clip out coupons that are available for Fantastic Sams.

Fantastic Sams Coupon Sources

According to the official website, because each Fantastic Sams is owned and operated individually, it is up to each location to offer their own coupons.  Some locations may have coupons while others may not. 

To check if your salon has printable coupons, use the Salon Locator on the Fantastic Sams website.  Some locations offer online coupons through this service.  If you cannot find printable coupons for Fantastic Sams haircuts, the next place to look is for clip out coupons in the newspaper and local mailings.

Check coupon sources such as Val Pak, ADVO, and Money Mailer.  These publications are known for offering Fantatic Sams coupons. 

Fantastic Sams has an email newsletter that you can sign up from on the homepage of their website.  Sign up to receive news and notifications of special offers at Fantastic Sams Salons.

Fantastic Sams - Haircuts, Color, and Style


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