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Fast, Easy Instant Credit Approval - Even With Bad Credit

Updated on July 13, 2011

Getting Instant Card Approval

Can't get a credit card? If you need instant card approval and you have bad credit, you have several options. At one time, it took forever to get a credit card. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can quickly shop all the options available and have a instant card approval, without credit checks - even if you have bad credit.

Check out the best instant approval cards, the different types and the pros and cons of each.

Instant Card Approval Options

When it comes to getting instant credit card approval, you have three options - secured credit cards, bad credit, credit cards, or debit cards. Each of these options allow you to make purchases without cash.

Option #1 - Secured and Prepaid Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are the same thing as prepaid credit cards. These cards are your best bet when it comes to having a credit card if you have bad credit. To get a secured or prepaid credit card, you must deposit money into a checking or savings account.

Although you must deposit money into an account for security, you are still making purchases on credit.

Pros of Prepaid and Secured Credit Cards

No credit check

Instant approval

Shop online

Accepted most places

Safer and more convenient than cash

Use to pay bills

Cons of Prepaid and Secured Credit Cards

Must reload card for spending

You can only spend the amount you load on the card

Best Credit Cards for Fast, Easy Instant Approval

Credit Card Name
Credit Check
Instant Approval
AccountNow PrePaid Master Card
$9.95 monthly fee
PrePaid Visa Purple Diamond RushCard
$9.95 monthly fee
GreenDot PrePaid MasterCard
No monthly fee/No Minimum Balance Required
Bank Freedom Prepaid MasterCard
$5.95 monthly Fee
Capital One Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard
Walmart MoneyCard Visa

Option #2 - Bad Credit, Credit Cards

If you don’t like the idea of have a secured or prepaid credit card but you have bad credit, there are several bad credit, credit cards you can apply for. These cards aren’t instant approval cards but, thanks to the Internet, you'll know whether or not your approved usually within a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Bad credit, credit cards are just like regular credit cards. You will have a set spending limit, but you don’t have to deposit money in the bank or load your card first.

Pros of Bad Credit, Credit Cards

No deposit required

Quick approval

Bad credit accepted

Use the card to rebuild your credit

Cons of Bad Credit, Credit Cards

Small spending limit

High fees

Bad Credit, Credit Cards

Credit Card Name
Credit Needed
First PREMIER Bank Gold Credit Card
Bad Credit
Adventium Gold Credit Card
Bad Credit
Applied Bank Visa
Bad Credit

Option #3 - Debit Cards

If you want the convenience of making purchase with a card instead of having to carry cash, a debit card may be a good choice for you. To get a debit card, you need to open a checking account and deposit money. Once your account is set up, you can use your debit card to pay for purchases, but you can only spend the amount you have in your checking account.

Pros of Debit Cards


Safer than cash

Keeps you from going into debt

Helps your control your spending

Cons of Debit Cards

You can only spend the amount that's in your checking account


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