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Faster Payments

Updated on May 24, 2012

Tips for providing a Faster Payments Service

I wanted to create a useful hub for small businesses who want to improve their customer service, it is often overlooked that faster payments can be achieved by regular maintenance and awareness of the payment processing procedures.

Purchasing the right equipment such as fast PDQ machines and having a good network provider is not enough to ensure that your company provides all round satisfaction when dealing with consumers. Your business could fall short when card machines are overly used and fail to read credit card data because of contaminants blocking the reader, another delay could occur because their is a problem verifying a customers card details.

These problems can be easily overcome by educating your staff and providing them with the correct cleaning equipment to regular service the card terminals, just imagine how your company could benefit from a small cost now rather than lack of business later on.

Faster Payments Service

A great way to provide a faster payments service to people purchasing with you is to regularly clean the entire credit card terminal including the magenetic strip/chip reader and the monitor and chassis.

You can buy service packs from well known brands such as Ingenico which include dumby cards with cleaning agent applied to them, they also include dual wipes(one wet, one dry).

Fast Payments

PDQ card terminals are one way of 'processing data quickly' but they only provide great service if the customer and shop assistant knows exactly how to operate them. The shop attendant should politely inform every consumer of when the machine is ready for them to insert their card because not every regular person is tech savvy.

After the card has been inserted the card holder should be requested to enter their PIN and this is then followed by the till operative pressing the correct button to verify ownership with card issuer. If the request comes back denied from the merchant processor, don't cause the customer embarrassment by assuming they are a thief because it is a common mistake to forget ones pin-code. If they repeat a code wrong 3 times the card will lock and you should inform them to contact their issuing bank, ask them calmly if they have another form of payment.

I have also included a helpful demonstration video below.

Remember to stock up on Till Rolls!

Lastly I wanted to mention one obvious priority which should be on every businesses check list! Without till rolls you will not be able to complete the transaction because all customers want proof of their purchase in the form of a receipt.

There are many till roll suppliers online where you can order in bulk with cheap delivery charges, which is good because you no longer have to search through phone directories for local providers. Some of these require that you set up your card machines with them and they only stock rolls which fit certain models, so it is best to compare a few sites.


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