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Field Agent App Review - Is it legit?

Updated on August 19, 2015

Let me answer that question for you right away - Yes, field agent is legit.

As I'm writing this review I am feeling very reluctant to actually hit the "Publish" button. The more people that know about Field Agent the more competition I will have, but I feel it is important to share the love.

Which countries are participating?

So you don't waste your time reading this review only to find out your country is not participating in Field Agent, here are the one's that ARE:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Denmark

Day 1: Sign up

Day 1 was pretty uneventful as all I was able to do was sign up (which was quick and easy) and complete the first job (unpaid) to opt in to receive correspondence from Field Agent. No paying jobs available yet.

Field Agent - Jobs
Field Agent - Jobs

Day 2: The fun begins

I had completely forgotten about field agent until I woke up the morning and started going through my, texts, facebook and instagram.

I was pretty happy to see that there were actually jobs available in my area. See below:

2 At home survey $3.50 - To be eligible you needed to have bought something from Babies R Us and have your receipt to prove it before you start the survey. I haven't.

5 in-store Audits $3.50 - $5.50 per Audit. - Go to a select store and take photos of the regular and sale price for up to specific 25 items .

100 Menu board Audits $8 per Audit- Take 5 photos of the Menus behind the counter of select McDonalds, Starbucks and Subway stores (all within 5km's of my place).

I could make $800 just from doing the menu board audits. Feeling very optimistic I jumped out of bed right away.

By the time I finished breakfast there were only 43 menu board items left (see pic above), mainly for McDonalds lunch/dinner menus to be completed between 11am -11pm. Either way I can still make a bit of money here, but obviously I am in competition with another Field Agent in the area.

It's now 10am. Worried the other agent would take the remaining menu board audits I selected the closest McDonalds to me and accepted the job. I may as well jump on it now considering I will still have an hour to complete the job once the clock strikes 11am. I was right in doing so, by 10:14am all the other menu board audits were taken.

So clearly I won't be making $800 on my first day and quit my day job, like I thought. I'm probably going to make $8 if I complete the job correctly. That's okay with me, who knows if they will actually pay you out in the end anyways.

11am: Time to get to work

Off to McDonalds I go. I must admit I was a bit nervous, I didn't know how busy the store was going to be or how close I would need to get to take the photos. This could be awkward.

Some staff and customers were watching me take the photos but I used the zoom so I didn't have stand right up against the counter, I got over my initial embaressment pretty quickly.

Ok, now I have completed and submitted the job I'm just waiting for them to be approved. Someone at Field Agent will review the photos and make sure they are correct.

Taking the photos really only took about 2 mins, so $8 for 2-5mins work is not bad at all.

Field Agent Proof of Payment
Field Agent Proof of Payment

Did I get paid?

Yes. At 5:45pm the job was approved and marked as completed by Field Agent!

I cashed out my hard earned $8 to my paypal which takes a couple of days. Sure enough, two business days later the money was transferred into my Paypal account.

How long does it take to for the job to be approved as completed?

From my experience it could take up to 6 hours.

How are you paid?

You can see your account balance in your Field Agent account and when you decide to cash out it goes into your paypal. easy.

How to cash out?

Click on the top left menu and select "Cash out". This is where you can see your account balance, which is how much you can cash out. From there click cash out and select the email address you want to send it through to paypal.

Why is total earnings higher than Current account balance?

Total earnings is the sum of your submitted jobs, your account balance is the total amount for the jobs you have had approved so far. Current account balance will be lower than total earnings when you are waiting for jobs to be assessed/marked as compeleted by Field Agent. As each job is approved as completed correctly the account balance will increase.

Is there a minimum amount you can cash out?

Nope, if you have money in your field agent account you can cash it out.

It's my first time and I can't cash out.. help.

Ok firstly don't stress. You will be prompted to open your field agent account in a web browser and login in with the email address and password you signed up with. Now cash out using the form on the right hand side of the page. The first time you cash out has to be done this way, then moving forward you can cash out from the app no problems.

What are screeners?

Screeners are surveys you will need to complete that will help unlock more jobs for you in the future.

They are usually only two or three questions and you do not get paid for them.

Field Agent Support

The turn around time for support is great, I sent in a request and received a response within a few hours.


It is important to keep your statistics up, and what I mean by that is you will want to complete as many jobs as you can but make sure you take the time actually read the instructions complete them correctly. If you do not complete them in time or correctly your agent score will decrease and you won't have as many jobs available to you.


1) Check your app before you sleep at night in case there are jobs listed for the morning. That way you can plan your day appropriately.

2) Always check the time restrictions: You have 2 hours to complete the jobs and must be done between 11am and 11pm. Accept the job about an hour before the start time to beat the competition.

3) You can use Field Agent when you travel as it will update when your phone switches to the new location.

4) Take your time and get the job the first time, if you fall below a certain score you will not see jobs anymore. (I hear it's 70)


I have had an awesome experience with Field Agent so far, in fact I have nothing but god things to say about it. Definitely get on board.

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      Lori Robinson 20 months ago

      Nice review, Thanks.