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Field Agent, Gigwalk, and more: five more apps to help you earn extra money with your phone

Updated on June 5, 2013
Cell phone tower by daryl_mitchell on Flickr
Cell phone tower by daryl_mitchell on Flickr

There are many apps available on both iPhone and Android devices that can help you earn extra money. You can make either small amounts here or there or score big. The amount you can earn with your phone is highly dependent on the apps themselves. Apps that involve social networking or taking surveys usually pay less, while apps that have offline components or facilitate the use of other services can pay quite well.

Many times, the amount you can earn will at least help recoup the costs of your smart phone. Each of these apps is a tool that can help you earn extra money--and they’re all free to try.

1. Gigwalk, walk around big cities and perform gigs for big-name companies

Gigwalk is an app that allows you to find gigs that you can complete for money. These gigs include taking photos of store stock, doing mystery shops, taking photos of stores, and doing consumer surveys. Gigwalk shows you available gigs on a map, and you can pick and choose the gigs you want.

Gigwalk has had some respectable clients, including eBay, Microsoft, and BMW. Gigs usually pay between $3 to $7. They’re currently only available in eight major U.S. cities: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. For travelers, Gigwalk could be a fun way to pick up expenses while wandering the city.

One cool feature is “Gigwalker Streetcred,” which is experience earned by successfully completing other gigs. Over time, this Gigwalker Streetcred allows you to unlock higher-tier jobs, some of which can pay almost $100!

Gigwalk is only available for iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store.

2. Viggle, reward your TV-watching habits

Do you watch a lot of TV? As in, up to 12 hours worth? Viggle might be the perfect app for you to earn a little extra something.

Viggle is a rewards program that tracks how much TV you watch per day. By recording a snippet of the audio of your TV program, Viggle identifies the program you’re watching and rewards you points for doing so. Certain programs are sponsored by Viggle and earn you more points.

In addition to logging TV hours, Viggle also offers polls and trivia for users to take and answer. There is a social media component as well. Additional user interaction offers greater rewards. DIRECTV customers are especially lucky, as Viggle will offer additional bonuses for those who watch TV through a DIRECTV subscription.

Although you can’t earn cash money from Viggle, points can be redeemed for gifts and rewards through Viggle’s sponsored programs. Fandango is one of the sponsors, so Viggle points could be redeemed for, say, a free movie. In addition, producers involved with sponsored shows occasionally offer rewards.

Viggle is available for both iOS and Android devices. It even works on tablets.

Money, money, money by Hamed Al-Raisi on Flickr
Money, money, money by Hamed Al-Raisi on Flickr

3. Field Agent, mystery shop from your iPhone

With Field Agent, you find jobs via the Field Agent app and perform small intelligence tasks for different companies. Tasks usually involve going into stores and reporting prices or layouts with photos. Field Agent uses your location to find jobs within your area.

In addition to these offline jobs, Field Agent also pays for market surveys. Although the pay tends to be smaller, these surveys can be performed from anywhere.

Field Agent pays you via PayPal. According to Field Agent’s website, pay for jobs usually ranges from $3 to $12. Field Agent is a global platform, so there are tasks that can be performed in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and even Norway.

I’m a Field Agent is a blog for the Field Agent app that helps to explain certain things about the system as well as offer advice and tips to new agents. It’s a useful resource in figuring out how to best monetize Field Agent and make the most of your efforts.

As of right now, the app is only available for the iPhone. It can be downloaded from the App Store. A similar app is Zappidy, which is also available in the App Store.

I'm a Field Agent, the Field Agent YouTube channel

4. MyLikes, sponsored cash for your social endorsements

With MyLikes, you create sponsored tweets, posts, and videos endorsing a certain product, person, or service. These sponsored posts become ads that can be shared via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube, and whenever someone clicks on them, you earn money.

Using the MyLikes app, you can easily post your sponsored links to your social channels. Much like other ad-sponsored and ad-based money-makers, the key to MyLikes is actually getting the clicks. If enough people click on your sponsored posts, the money adds up.

Pay for MyLikes is dependent on your “social score,” the leverage you have within your social networks. MyLikes calculates this by your community engagement and whether or not your friends click and share your usual posts. The usual pay is a certain amount of cents per click.

In addition to choosing preselected endorsements, you can snap photos of products you like and check in to places you like to create endorsements for them. This allows you to earn money without necessarily endorsing a product you don’t truly support.

MyLikes is available on all devices.

Shopping with plong on Flickr
Shopping with plong on Flickr

5. EasyShift, mystery shop for PayPal payments

EasyShift is another mystery shopping app where you can visit stores, snap photos, take surveys, and earn money for your efforts. You select “shifts” that you want to work and perform small tasks for consumer research companies.

Many tasks will involve taking photos and submitting them through the EasyShift app. Pay for these shifts range from $3 to $8, and the payout is through PayPal. In some locations, shifts may be harder to find than others.

Unfortunately, EasyShift is only for iPhone and other iOS devices, so once again, Android users will have to sit this one out.


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