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Financial Power

Updated on March 9, 2018
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I am a finance officer with a degree in banking and finance from the central university college


Personally, financial power and planning is ones ability to take dominance over wealth. Its a physical response to adequacy. And it comes with distinct desire to create, innovate and be in control.

Financial power and planning can also be attributed to proper management of little financial flows and initiating such financial flows into expansion of carefully Chosen ideas to maximise wealth and be empowered


1) Walking in financial power.

2) Responsibilities that come with financial power.

3)Business power

4) Proper management and expenditure.

5) Investment planning

6) Money and family.

7) Ending well


  • Walking in financial power: Walking in financial power is another way of weighing the successful stance of a person. Its a stage that takes place when one is elevated by his discoveries and mind explorations. Every one can walk in financial power only if we are willing to react differently to our abilities and desires.
  • Responsibilities that come with financial power: Arriving at your goals is not as difficult as meeting up with the task after you have accomplished your goals.Gaining financial power and dominion makes you an eye to many including corporate bodies. People look up to you as a mentor, a financier, and a nation builder.And any failure to accomplish all of these will attribute to a journey with no destination. So it isn't all about creating wealth, it comes with being responsible to the society as a whole.
  • Business power: Being responsible for your ideas and projections gives you a dominion over what you do or what you intend to do. Onece you fight to accomplish one plan there is always a back up plan from the audience to push you to another dimension in your world of business. The best way to be in control of the business world is to stay unlimited and to give ear to audience especially when you are in the beginning level of creating wealth.
  • proper management and expenditure: it takes proper management to obtain results. Paying attention to every need brings about unnecessary expences. And unnecessary expences are mostly unplanned and this can distort and distract proper management of financial gains. So to achieve our goals as wealth pullers, one thing that will lead you right is discipline. Being disciplined on what we use money for, why it's used and what benefit it would be to out growth as people and financial seekers.
  • Investment planning: this is the only physical evidence of how much financial wealth one has created.. Investing is the only way to put up a physical outlook of your toil for financial dominance. The less you invest the more you will stay unnoticed. Lack of investment brings about failure to accomplish and to be in control at the peak of your earnings due to gradual loss of wealth created.. Its good to invest in more businesses, and assets to keep and mentain your wealth.
  • Money and family: managing a home of one is different from managing a home for two or more. I imply that in creating wealth time and effort must be invested as far as your family is concerned. Children of adult ages should be involved in creating wealth for the family, this is another way of training the family to secure more wealth. This is a stage where you no longer refer to your gains as solely your possession but for the family.. So adequacy, accuracy and careful decisions should be intensified at this stage due to increase in responsibilities.
  • Ending well: the joy of any one who is well soaked in financial dominance is to end well.. Its not about how well you started but how well you ended.. Are your children well informed to takeover when you can no longer carry on?

Money puts You in a Comfortable Lead

Knowledge For dominance, security and power is all in how well we manufactured the living ideas in us , projected them widely and created wealth for our comfortable lead

I am a finance officer and I've worked in this field for 5 years.

I am a graduate in banking and finance from the central university college


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