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Find the Perfect Retirement Gift

Updated on June 26, 2008
Retirement Gifts
Retirement Gifts

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Empathize With The Retiree: Find The Perfect Retirement Gift

Every working man and woman loves to discuss with friends what they will do after they retire. Climb the Swiss Alps, go in an African Safari or hit that perfect stroke in the fairway. The list is endless, and it depends with each person.

But when they finally do hit retirement, a bittersweet feeling rather than an excited one will prevail. One may find the feeling of freedom in expense of a family in work that you have shared both sweet and tough times together. Questions will pop up if too much freedom is actually harmful, and if their old partners and coworkers would even talk to them again.

It is important that one gives an exceptional retirement gift to help them cope up with a new stage in life, which should be welcomed with open arms rather than doubt. A keepsake that helps the retiree remember what he/she has stood for or loved for the past three decades.


A crucial first step in finding the perfect retirement gift is to recognize what their personality traits and interests are. Finding out what ticks off or pleases the retiree is important as much as focusing on their interests.

For example, a person who loves hockey and relishes on eating desserts may be given a simple chiffon cake with icing that forms a hockey stick and puck. So to speak, it is best that when choosing a gift, ideas should be formed from a blend that represents the retiree's persona and likes.

Second is that one should watch their budget. Finding a gift that is expensive isn't necessary. For the childish retiree, something as simple as a Mickey Mouse watch will suffice; it also helps form smiles and laughter across the room. Videos that highlight a retiree's favorite sports player in his/her most important moment, where the player either hits the game-winning shot in a basketball game or an unbelievable shot in the Masters is also a non-expensive and wonderful gift for the retiree.

For acquaintances in the company, an autograph book can be done. Each worker will put his/her signature with a heartfelt message or testimonial can help the retiree get some closure. If one day, the retiree is beginning to miss his/her job. He/she can skim through the autograph book and remember everything about in a few minutes.

Third, if one has pockets deep enough, fun and lighthearted pranks can be made. Funny retirement gags like a plaque commemorating the retirement, with inscriptions similar to the ones we see on buildings which speak about the "retiree's inauguration". One may even sprinkle holy water on the retiree for added affect. It is a general rule that anyone remembers a funny gag more than a thoughtful item, so pull one off in the party if you can.


Magazine subscriptions, funny pranks and personalized gifts are integral in giving the most meaningful retirement present. A little research (and maybe some stalking, haha) can help one find a gift that suits the retiree. If one can't think of anything, but does know that the retiree loves a good laugh, go ahead and make up gags or create items like a stone slab, pretending to think that the retiree is dead or a purple wig to hide the balding head.

Whatever one can think of, make sure that it is something that the retiree will appreciate and remember for years to come.


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