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Finding Opportunities in the Global Economic Crisis

Updated on August 16, 2015

Finding gold in the dust

I hate reading the newspaper and watching the news these days. All I hear are bad news - economic recession, unemployment, financial difficulties, debts. It's a 'rainy season'.

I fired my boss and now I am making a living without a job. Let me briefly share with you where are the opportunities in difficult times.

In your marketing strategies, offer discount vouchers. Offer free reports to lure customers to sample your product.

Some business are dying, but some are booming. The booming ones are:

  • budget travel
  • budget hotel
  • rental business
  • outsourcing
  • freelancing
  • online store (e-store)
  • second hand goods
  • garage sales
  • green industry
  • waste-water
  • solar industry
  • biofuel industry

You can buy assets - properties, good stocks, business, gold, silver - on the cheap. It's a good time to buy and accumulate your wealth.

People travel less but shop more online. Brick and mortar business are suffering because of high rental cost. The alternative is to run the business online with an e-store.

People are leveraging on new technology to cut cost. If you are an Internet marketer, you can help business owners to apply Internet marketing strategies to promote their business.

People are worried about losing their jobs. Money-making opportunities attract the crowds. So are scams. Booming time for trainers who can teach people money-making skill.

People are turning to God in times of crisis. People are looking for answers. Making money is about meeting needs and providing solutions.

I see Internet as the alternative world. There is no recession on the Internet. It is a goldmine.

The last time, I fired my boss. Now I can fire my clients if I don't like them. Turn your passion into a business and you too can live your dream.

Be of good cheer. There's opportunities in every crisis.

Sam Choo is an internet marketing coach at


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