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Finding Wins In The Windy City-Part 4

Updated on January 11, 2012

Andrew Teutsch 1:1 Day 4 Wrap Up

Day four (Thursday) started off with me arriving at Andrew's home and us reviewing the responses to his email blast, our Craigslist postings, and us reaching out and contacting other investors that had posted on Craigslist. Suprisingly enough, we has another dozen contacts for Andrew to follow up with on. After going through that list, we also discussed what would take place the rest of the day.

We discussed how we would handle the meeting with the owner of the sub to condo, along with discussing how we would wrap up the day by making sure that we put together a daily, weekly, and monthly marketing plan. After discussing that, we headed out meet our 11 am appointments.

We arrived at Roseanne's law firm and immidiately met with her and her husband. We spent a few minutes discussing real estate and the market and learned that they had disposed of every bit of their real estate including their home. We didn't really go into why, but I imagine that they might have hit a hard time, especially since they told us that they had closed their title company and were only focused on their bankruptcy business. After building some repoir with them, we got to the business at hand. We discussed what we had in mind and they asked us both some questions about the transaction. I was excited that Andrew took the lead on the majority of the questions, showing me that he understood what was going on. Roseanne and her husband seemed to undrstand that we were trying to help them and that we would have real numbers once we found a owner financed or lease optioned buyer. They informed us that they had until the end of May until they were forced to put a Section 8 tenant into the property to cover the costs. So that gave us roughly right at a month to get someone in the property. We left the meeting and Andrew and I discussed how he could utilize the list of tenant buyers that we were finding to not only put them into this condo, but also potentially sell his as well. He liked that idea and so we headed to lunch.

Afte lunch, we headed back to his condo and immediately began working on his marketing plan. I first brainstormed with Andrew to discuss the immediate action items that he had to take care of the following day and week. After that, I set out to create his own customized daily, weekly, and monthly action item list. This list contained specific items for him to do to keep his momentum going so that he would continue to be successful in finding deals, finding buyers and closing transactions.

Before wrapping up the week, I made sure that Andrew had all the tools, contracts, and websites that he would need to work with. Andrew would be joining us ( in Las Vegas the following week for our next Path to Proftis workshop so we would have some more time to visit and work on his deals. After ensuring that he was comfortable, we filmed the video wrap up and he filled out the Mentor Evaluation form and I headed out the door and completed another successful 1:1 coaching program.

Andrew Teutsch 1:1 Day 4 Wrap Up


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