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Finding the Right Home Based Job For You

Updated on January 23, 2011

Home Based Job Hunting Techniques

Working at home has many advantages. Jobholders can avoid a commute, reduce expenses for wardrobes, and interact with loved ones on a break. Many home-based online involve using the Internet and typically require workers to have computing skills and the ability to work independently. All of these factors are vitally important if you want to be successful at any home based venture. A home based job will also require you to be highly self motivated and constantly adapt to new conditions and other challenges. Work is required for any job, even a home based job. If you can meet such criteria and have other skills, finding a home- based online job can be the ticket to a paycheck and a career.

Research, Research, Research

Finding a home based job is an important skill that requires serious advanced preparation and determination.

Work with your current employer. Talk to your current employer about turning your existing job into a work-at-home online job. Write a detailed letter outlining the advantages for both of you. Indicate how this would benefit the company by reducing costs and increasing productivity. A company may already have a telecommuting plan in place. Find out if you meet eligibility requirements. Such requirements may be posted online or may be part of a company handbook. You should read both closely.

Search companies that you want to work for. Read company websites. Human resource officials often choose to place job listings online. A website listing may have home based online jobs that you can fill. Contact the employer directly. Submit a cover letter and resume. Indicate your suitability for the position. Be aware that companies may require applicants for online jobs to come in person for an interview. Some companies will waive this requirement if you meet all their other requirements.

Work part-time at home and part-time in a traditional setting. Some home based online jobs are a combination of both situations. An employer may want to hire versatile employees who can readily adapt to any situation. Your current employer may be open to allowing you to work at home a few days each week or each month.

Draw on your existing skills. If you are a nurse look into home based online jobs such as answering calls in your house for a health care company or writing medical articles. Any employer offering home based online jobs should emphasize the job requirements rather than the ability to work at home as of primary importance.

Investigate freelance job opportunities. Freelancers work on projects on an as needed basis. An employer may need the worker’s help for a single day or for a much longer period. Employees can work for as many freelancers as they choose. Many freelancing jobs involve home based online tasks. An employee might write copy, design a book cover or create a short film.

Start your own business. If you can’t find home based online jobs that appeal to you, start a business. Many businesses such as selling on eBay or etsy can easily be conducted online without the need to leave the home very often.


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