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Five Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Updated on March 2, 2016


There are many people that would like to make some extra money. However, it may not seem that easy to do. Making money on line can seem really easy, but there are a mix of websites out there, some which are scams and some which are genuine earning opportunities. It is worth understanding how to tell which are genuine and which are not, by reading more about different opportunities and looking at money making forums for reviews. Below are some ideas on how you could make some extra money on line without the risk of being caught out by a scam.

Sell Items

There is a selection of places where you can sell things on line. Most people used to use auction websites such as ebay or classified pages such as craigslist. Now there are also social media sites where you can sell things as well. Make sure that you use a site that you can trust and check the costs before you sell anything. Selling things that you own to generate some income is great, because it is tax free. If you buy items and then sell them for a profit, you will need to declare your earnings, but it could a really great way to make some extra income if you can find a cheap place to buy items.

Have an Ecommerce Website

If you have a business where you sell things, or decide to set one up, then you can have an e-commerce website to sell them through. If you have some spare time, then you could set this website up yourself using on line videos, tutorials and guides. You should be able to list the items that yo have for sale and have buttons where buyers can pay for them. You can use reputable sites such as Paypal to deal with payments, that your customers will trust. You will need to take time to promote the site, but this can be done for free too. Making sure that you register with search engines, have good quality content and get a social media page. Make frequent updates and additions and keep the content fresh. You need links going to your site too, so register with directories and see whether you can swap links or get free links on relevant websites too. Having more interest in a page or post will make search engines feature it more highly, but attracting irrelevant traffic will make little difference, so paying for traffic is not usually worth it.

Freelance Work

There are a number of websites that you can use to find freelance work. you can put your CV or resume on the site and then see whether anyone requests your help with any work. You will also find that employers will advertise job opportunities and you can bid for those jobs and see whether you can pick up work this way. The jobs vary a lot and so it is worth looking at a few of these sites to see whether you can pick up any jobs this way. You may feel that you do not have the skills, but you will be surprised at what people are asking for!

Monetise your Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog then you can earn money from it by selling advertising. You can use adverts that pay you when someone clicks through them. sell text links, banner ads or sponsored posts. There are many way to earn money as long as you have a quality site which is getting traffic to it. It is wise though, to not select any old advertising. Choose your advertisers with care as certain advertisers are disliked by visitors to your site as well as search engines. These include links to gambling and pharmacy sites as well as anything illegal. It is likely that you will not want to be associated with these anyway.


There are many websites these days that pay you to take surveys. You may have tried them before and got annoyed by having to answer lots of questions and then being told that you have been screened out and will not get paid. There are some survey sites, such as YouGov that do not do this and so are worth looking in to. If you like answering questions about yourself then this can be a really fun way to earn some extra money.


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