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Best Gas Mileage - Five Random Fuel Saving Tips

Updated on February 12, 2015

First of all

With gasoline prices starting to head up once again all over the US, this theme becomes burning hot in United States, too. Finally Americans linked up with the rest of the Earth in a desire to save a little gasoline. Here are a few tips from the once car engine designer that may help you to protect your wallet a tad.

- Try to keep things in perspective. Remember that your aim is to pay not as much of cash overall. Spending $1000 on a tune-up with potential saving of $1 per tank is not rational. This is not to say you should not do a regular maintenance at all. If time comes, certainly go ahead and do it. Regular maintenance is important to your vehicle wellness, including its fuel economy. However from the saving outlook you are to carry out the least pricey (zero cost ideally) measures that give you top economy.

- In a hot weather, turn off air conditioner and open windows while driving in the city if practical, and close windows and turn on air conditioner on highways. At higher speeds (around 50 MPH and up) windage becomes a highest fuel consumer, at lower speeds air conditioner eats more;

And even more...

- If you drive an auto, use overdrive. If you drive a stick shift, use your gears. Your goal is to drive in the highest gear, but without overloading your engine;

- If you have several vehicles, use the one with the best gas mileage for daily commute;

- Plan your route to keep away from traffic jams. You cannot keep away from excessive idling, braking and speeding up while in a traffic jam, so jams are to blame for a big chunk of gasoline used up. You can keep away from jams sometimes if you discover traffic patterns in your area and use them to your benefit;

- Do not store in the vehicle anything you do not absolutely need. Inspect your luggage compartment, glove box, and passenger compartment for possessions that do not have any business being in the vehicle on a permanent basis. This does not save you too much (unless you have a habit of driving with the full trunk) - but it saves something, and it does not cost anything to realize.

As you can imagine, this is just a teaser, and I have a really comprehensive list of true and false tips to get best gas mileage, including my humble opinion on gas savers on my site...


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