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Five Ways You Can Find Steady Freelance Writing Work

Updated on November 13, 2011

use your local news outlets to find steady freelance writing income as they establish their internet prescence

Five different ways to find steady freelance writing income.
Five different ways to find steady freelance writing income. | Source
Matching your copy writing skills with internet retailers can produce a steady stream of income.
Matching your copy writing skills with internet retailers can produce a steady stream of income. | Source

freelance writing job boards are wonderful. However, finding jobs using them can be a daunting task

A lot of people are interesting in freelance writing for income or a work at home business opportunity. Writing for a living can be a reasonable source of income. However, finding the right working situation to bring in a steady stream of income as a freelance writer can be challenge. Numerous writers find that they spend as much time searching for writing jobs as they do actually writing. Tons of freelance writers find that the income produced through freelance writing is usually feast or famine.

Using websites that are available that bring together employers and writers can be frustrating. There are perhaps 10 writers for each job advertised or posted. Remember your competition is slightly different than local workplaces. When you are competing or writing jobs through job boards, your competition is generally not simply local writers. You are competing with writers from all around the world.

There are a lot of online companies and websites that are searching for writers to produce quality copy written content. A freelance writer that is able to develop a handful of clients that need continual work, can remove their name from the hustle and bustle of searching for writing jobs and actually settle down to the business of writing.

As with most business ventures, as a writer you need to develop a working relationship with job resources so your employers are comfortable working with you and most importantly the work you produce or the actual quality of the work that you put out.

Locating these employers may be the most creative area of establishing a home freelance writing business. Simply bidding on a variety of writing jobs with Freelancer, ODesk and similar websites can be a frustrating task in finding work. However, there are ways to find steady freelance writing work and bring in a nice source of income.

These are five different ways you can find steady freelance writing work;

1) Local news outlets

Your local newspaper as well as television stations have identified the power of the web and are working to build a presence on the Internet. The majority of their budget is dedicated to working with newspaper and television and many don’t have staff writers for the web. However, they have a budget for freelance writers to work with them for the web. Contact these resources to discover if they are working with freelance contractors for some of their feature or side pieces of work.

Many freelance writers are discovering a steady stream of income from working with their local newspapers or television stations. Although they don’t have full time Internet writers on their payroll, they are certainly building an Internet presence and a good writer can get their foot in the door and realize continual work from these two sources.

2) Internet retailers

Internet retailers always need copy. Websites selling hundreds of different products are always searching for freelance writers to develop piles of copy. Brief descriptions are written for all of these products that retailers are continuously selling. If you can find your way directly to the individual responsible for filling all of the pages full of descriptions that accompany pictures you have a great chance of getting quite a bit of freelance writing work. Some writers feel as if they are producing assembly line writing work working through this type of vehicle. However, these are the types of jobs that can keep you busy for weeks and months of time. This is a wonderful way to find a continual stream of steady freelance writing work.

There generally is not a decrease in this type of work because the internet is always getting new products which can make this a steady stream of income throughout the year without any lull.

3) Regional magazines

Regional magazines generally have a skeleton staff of full time employees that generate their content or material. Selling even one article to a magazine can help you establish credibility and get you starting in this venue.

Writers publishing for magazines will generally receive a good number of rejections before they see their efforts pay off. In order to increase your chance of being published for magazine articles you must recognize the audience and write specifically for the audience of the magazine. Publication in one magazine genre will generally lead to other magazines along those same lines and more job opportunities for freelance writing to produce the steady stream of writing income you crave.

4) Your local Internet market

Local internet markets are generally looking for great freelance writers. Local companies will be attempting to gain an internet presence. Contact smaller companies or retailers in your area and offer your copy writing services. Demonstrate what you can do with a great portfolio and exhibit you can offer them a great piece of copy for less. Less doesn’t necessarily mean you give away your work for free. However, many companies will work with a freelance writer that can provide a less expensive alternative to working with a larger company for the same type of copy writing services.

5) Website designers

Website designers are typically looking for a freelance writer to produce compelling content for sites they have developed. Local website designers are best to match your written work with. However, if you find other website designers that are searching for freelance writers it certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting more freelance work.

Freelance writers will characteristically submit an email pitching their writing skills and attach a couple of content samples to permit them to see the written content you can offer. Working with a website designer can get you work that may or may not be steady. Generally if they do hire you, the work will continue as long as they continue to increase their client base. Though, if you can contact say 8 different designers you can get new work as 8 different designers develop their work. This type of work can make for a great source of freelance job writing opportunities and a steady income as a freelance writer.

These are five different solutions to finding steady freelance writing work. Of course, as a freelance writer the work will not generally come to you. You need to go to the work in nearly all cases. Sometimes you may get an inquiry to perform work from a friend of a friend or a colleague of an employer that you have worked with which is great. Though, the majority of the time you are searching for work.

Freelance job writing boards are wonderful, but finding work on these can sometimes be a job within itself. Take the hints and suggestions listed here and find the steady freelance writing work that you need and want to make your freelance writing career a success.


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