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Five Ways to Make Some Cash Today!

Updated on April 23, 2012

1.Rummage/Yard Sale - If it’s early in the morning, haul your unwanted stuff out on the front lawn and set up a rummage or yard sale. If you live in the city, or in a bad area, see if a friend that lives in the suburbs can let use their property space to sell your belongings. Remember, while the goal is to make cash, be reasonable in your asking prices.

2.Plasma Donation – The medical industry is in need of this biological resource to save lives. There are many places that will take about an hour of your time for plasma donation and compensate you for it. I did it once in my local city and made 30 dollars and was asked to come back for another donation and more cash, but am not a fan of needles. If you aren’t weak of stomach, go ahead and do it.

3.Consignment/Pawn Shops – If you don’t have the time or patience to set up a rummage or yard sale, you can take your brand-name clothing and accessories to a consignment shop. They’re an upscale second-hand store interested in buying designer items. You may not want to part with your clothes, shoes and accessories, but you can always buy new and better stuff once you’re back on your feet. Also, if you have quality jewelry, electronics and tools, many pawn shops will give you a cash offer for those.

4.Paid Studies – The local medical college where I live conducts paid studies for your time and information on health behaviors. I once made 40 dollars for participating in a study about sexual behavior. Of course, they keep your information confidential.

5.Scrap Metal – Many salvage yards and recycling centers will pay your for your metal scrap by the pound. While collecting aluminum cans isn’t glamorous, there are other metals that those places are willing to accept and purchase. If you have the means to pick up and transport old junk appliances and even dead cars that are sitting, those can be taken in to these businesses which will weigh the metals and give you cash offers per pound.


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