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Fiverr Tips for Buyers and Sellers and Making Money with Fiverr

Updated on December 31, 2011

Fiverr - My latest obsession

I had heard a few people talking about Fiverr over on some Internet related forums that I read from time to time but had never actually checked the website out until just recently.

For those of you who are still not quite sure exactly what Fiverr is I will give you a quick introduction. Fiverr is a web service that allows users to list a service they will provide for the payment of $5. The list is endless of the things you can do for $5. The service is free to use and how it works is that out of that $5 that you are paid for providing a service, $1 of that goes to Fiverr to pay for things like hosting, their website, updates, staff etc.

Now you may be asking yourself who would use this service, but trust me there are plenty of people using this service for whatever reason. It is also a very cheap way for Internet Marketers / Affiliate Marketers to buy services. Just think about it this way, imagine you write articles over at EzineArticles and would like to be able to submit more articles but don't have the time to write them. You could pay someone $5 that is advertising a service to write an article of 450-500 words for just $5 over at Fiverr. You might also want to send a shoutout to a lot of people about your new Ebook or your new updated website but don't yet have the people to tell, simply find someone offering a service to Tweet to their 20,000+ Twitter list and you are instantly getting traffic and perhaps sales depending on the quality and demand.

Now not only is it beneficial for us Internet Marketers but I have also seen quite a lot of other services that I never even thought I would be interested in but for $5, I thought 'what the hell, I am going to do that'. For example I just ordered a service for $5 to have someone take my photo that I had as my profile picture over on Facebook and draw a cartoon version of it for 5 bucks and the service was turned around in a matter of only a few hours and I am most impressed with the cartoon version, it is definately going to become my profile pic.

Tips and Tricks for your Fiverr Gigs

 Always make sure that if you are going to perform a task for the $5, (remember you are only getting $4 of it after $1 goes to Fiverr) that it is going to be worth your time.  It is hardly fair if the task takes 2 or 3 hours and you only get $4 now is it!!

As a buyer always look for listings with a bit of feedback to see that you are getting quality, now I know a lot of you are thinking but it is only 5 bucks, how much quality do you want, but think of it this way, what if you paid $5 to have backlinks added to your website and the job was so spammy it resulted in Google de indexing your website! It can happen and believe me it does happen, so you really need to look at a users feedback.

As a seller be sure to look at similar services if available and try and improve on their descriptions and provide just a little more value than they are for everyones $5.  Lets look at an example there could be a service to submit an article to 10 article directories for $5.  What about providing them with a service that you also write up to 250 words for the article so they don't have to write it.  I know I would most probably go with that option myself providing the English was at an acceptable high level.

Also as a seller I recommend adding a photo of yourself.  I like to know who I am dealing with on the internet and I feel that adding a photo makes people more likely to deal with you.

As a seller I also recommend researching your keywords extensively before submitting your Fiverr Gig.  Remember Fiverr only allows for 2 word descriptions as well so you can't add something like Make Money Online as it is 3 words.


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    • ttenneruk profile image

      ttenneruk 6 years ago

      I think you are absolutely spot on - time management is key as a seller.

      Following your Hub now - keep up the great work.

    • profile image

      Punit 6 years ago

      Tips for creating account in fiverr