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My Fiverr Experience

Updated on August 21, 2011
Fiverr Logo
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Fiverr Overview

For those of you who don't have a clue what Fiverr is, let me explain. is a website where people can post "gigs" for $5. For example, say you are good at graphic design. You could post a gig for doing some graphic design thing for $5. People who are interested order your gig and pay you $5 for it. You complete the gig and make $4 ( takes $1 away). So, in a sense, Fiverr is getting you business and you are making money. It's as easy as that.

In this hub, I will share with you what my experience with Fiverr has been like.

My Experience with Fiverr

In general, my experience with Fiverr has been fairly positive. I don't have many things to complain about and I think that the website is pretty good. Please read on for a more in depth perspective.

First of all, I like Fiverr because I have made money on it. So far, I have made 3 sales, which is $12 for me. I have been working with Fiverr for only a couple of weeks, so I guess that is a decent amount of business. However, it is nowhere near what would be required to make some good money on this site. Those sales that I had have all been perfectly smooth; the buyers were easy to work with and I had no troubles.

I do have one complaint though. Fiverr doesn't let you contact your client in any other way than via Fiverr messages. I think that this isn't great because the Fiverr messaging system is about as slow as emailing. It gets the job done, but it's nothing good enough for in depth conversations, which are often required for some of the gigs out there. It is difficult to teach someone how to do something via messaging. That is just my perspective, though.

Overall, I think that Fiverr has opened some opportunities to me as a graphic designer to get my name known and get some work in my portfolio. If you are interested at all, you can check out my Fiverr account: Logemon's Fiverr Account.

Thanks for reading! Let me know how your experience with Fiverr is in the comments below.


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    • Logemon profile image

      Logemon 6 years ago from California

      @ besthubs $100 a day?? That's crazy. He must have a good setup going on Fiverr then. Thanks for your feedback.

    • besthubs profile image

      besthubs 6 years ago

      Your Fiverr looks great. I made more than $100 and know some guys make $100-$150/ day with Fiverr.