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Flea Marketing Online: 101

Updated on August 19, 2014

It begins with a flea market website

By simply creating a website to sell your fleamarket products and goods you can easily triple your money just because of the excessive amount of people on Internet. Think of it in this fashion, you have a limited scope of the available number of people that frequent the flea market in your local area. By starting to sell on Internet you leverage many millions of people that may be interested in the products that you're selling.

As you can see already this is a very good way to increase your sales, gain more customers and prospects, as well as look great on the Internet via your flea market website.

Furthermore, a website can also allow you to stay in constant contact with your clients and new prospects. By staying in contact with those that keep your business you will be able to improve and maintain a consistent relationship with your clientele.

Increase Flea Market Sales!

How Do I Gain More Sales?

You can immediately begin making more money by simply having a website up! I know this may sound really cliché but is actually the truth. Think of this way, by not being found online and only at a flea market in a local town you already greatly reducing the number of prospects that you can have. By creating a website you on the other hand greatly increase the number prospects that may be willing to buy your goods. This is the first case that can make you more money.

The second case to make you more money is by being able to sell rare or antique products that others cannot find in their local vicinities. Usually cross-border this makes a lot of money for not only retail sales businesses but also individuals such as yourself. What I'm saying is that you can charge more for items that are rare or antiques as you may already know.

The third case to making more money is by establishing an email newsletter program that will send people that sign up (your prospects and customers) emails on a regular basis. How this works is you first sign up to a service that offers email newsletter services such as Flea Sites, then you "program" a series of emails to be automatically delivered at pre-specified intervals.

How Your Flea Market Online Site Can Look

Are you a web programmer?

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Do I Need to Be a Programmer?

It depends, there are two options to creating a website:

Creating a website for your flea market selling by hand usually requires years of practice and experience. Thankfully there is a service that offers online flea market websites specifially designed for sellers at flea markets as well as swap meets, etc.

This makes it to where you don't need to be a programmer to be able to create an online fleamarket store whatsoever! I consider this resource quite valuable personally as it really helps the new guys online to get started both beautifully and professionally.

No Website VS Having a Website

With Website
Without Website
Yearly Sales
Eyeballs Captured Weekly
Clients / Prospects Emailed
This is just an estimation.

Free Advertising Coupons to Get Started

To help you started with both online and off-line customers and prospects here are some ways to get free advertising coupons.

Google AdWords will often mail businesses and other individuals free coupon codes and promotion codes in the mail to their homes. Usually this is a great way to score $50-$100 for free to get started with. Yahoo Bing is also another advertising venue that sometimes gives away free promotional codes as well.

Flea Sites is rumored to give away free advertising codes with new accounts as well.

Once You Are Online, Then What?

After you establish a professional website to deal your flea market products you should consider types of online promotion to get the word out. Without any online promotion no one really knows about the new website that you just created. Here are a few ways that you can go about promoting your new online store to others:

Telling your current clients and prospects
This is a great way to get new visitors to your website as well as begin getting online sales! Your current customer base is very likely to purchase from your newly established online flea market store because they know who you are and trust you.

Running online advertisements
Purchasing online ads from places like Google AdSense can be very beneficial to jumpstarting your business. There are many cost-effective advertisement venues online that you can use as well as always using plain old word-of-mouth.

Or, Your New Website Can Look like This

Video on Flea Market Websites

How Will I Receive Money from Sales?

You receive money from sales instantly via PayPal which is the world's trusted digital payments provider. They basically receive money from other users using either a bank account, credit card or their very on PayPal account and then transfers it to yours. After you received the transfer to your PayPal account which is instantly you can then choose to spend it online or transferred to your local physical bank account.

Transfer it to your local bank account use it takes about 2 to 3 days depending on your bank and is completely secure. Most people know PayPal as a household name and have no problem whatsoever doing business using PayPal, there are tons of people that actually prefer it!

Yet Another Beautiful Design


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