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How to Print Your Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax from the FDOR’s Website

Updated on January 21, 2016

Are you one of the lucky taxpayers that received the notice mandating you to file and pay your Florida sales and use tax electronically and will have to print your Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax (DR-13) from the Florida Department of Revenue’s website from this day forward? And now you’re hunting through their site to see exactly how to do so? Don’t fret – it’s pretty easy actually, just follow these steps:

Go to

On the right side of the blue box (that turns pink when you hover over it) with white writing titled File and Pay you’ll need to click on the link titled Print Annual Resale Certificate

Next, click on the certificate type you need print – you’re only options are Sales and Use Tax and Communications Services Tax. The Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption cannot be printed from the website.

Click on the sales and use tax link, and you be given two login options. You can login with your User ID and Password that was issued to you when you enrolled into e-Services; or

If you don’t have a login information or forgot it, your second option is to login with your certificate number (which is on your returns and older Florida Annual Resale Certificates – the certificate number stays the same throughout the years) and your business partner number (which is on the back of your Certificate of Registration – not to be confused with your Florida Annual Resale Certificate. You would’ve received your Florida Certificate of Registration when you first registered your business – it’s the certificate you usually have hanging on your wall or somewhere in plain view for your customers to see).

Once logged in, you’ll click next at the bottom to go past the bulletin board, and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select the option Print Annual Resale Certificate. Pick the year, print and viola – your Florida Annual Resale Certificate is in hand.

  • I suggest not using the Forgot User ID and/or Password link because sometimes it malfunctions giving you the false impression that you’re doing something wrong, which leads to frustration and late filings – which nobody wants.


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