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Football Index – The Stock Market for Football Fans

Updated on February 16, 2020
DurhamStokie profile image

Ian has invested in Football Index since February 2019 and would like to share his acquired knowledge with potential new investors.

Introduction to the Index

Sometime in February 2019 I came across a conversation thread on Twitter that mentioned a product called Football Index. Never having heard of it, my curiosity was piqued and I checked it out, and now 12 months later, I am completely hooked.

As I write this article, I’ve accumulated 101.43% profit from my outlay.

But what is Football Index and how does it work?

Football Index - The Game, Changed

This is the marketing slogan used by Football Index and it is very true. Traditional bookmakers could one day be replaced by this format.
This is the marketing slogan used by Football Index and it is very true. Traditional bookmakers could one day be replaced by this format.

Traditional Betting and Stock Market in One

If you combine traditional betting with the stock market, you have Football Index.

You buy shares in players, with which you are basically placing a bet on them to perform well over the next 3 years (the length of time for which you own the share you purchased unless you sell it earlier.) It will then perform in much the same way as a share on the stock market, with Capital Appreciation plus dividend pay-outs from successful players.

The great thing about Football Index compared to traditional gambling, is that the company wants you to make money! The reason for that is quite obvious - the more money you are making, the more money they are making and the more likely it is that you will tell others of your successes, which in turn brings in further investment.

Win, win!

Ways To Make Money on the Index

Here are the ways your players can earn you money on the Index:

  • Capital Appreciation – gains from a price rise in the share (shares are also known as a future)
  • Performance Bonus dividend (PB) – received from the being the best in one of three positional categories on each match day. Top defender/goalkeeper, top midfielder and top forward. There is also a pay-out for the highest overall points scorer on each match day (Star Player)
  • In-Play Dividends (IPD) - applicable for the first 30 days you own a share. These are paid out if your player scores a goal or gets an assist.
  • Media Buzz dividend (MB) - Any pieces written about players in the press and on certain websites gains points and the player with the most Media Buzz points at midnight gets paid out. On days where there are no matches, the top three players earn MB dividends.

Points to Note:

  • NB: Only eligible fixtures and leagues qualify for IPD and PB dividends. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are the 5 leagues that qualify along with the Champions League, Europa League, and International fixtures, which are also valid.
  • NB: MB dividends are open to ANY player on the Football Index database, regardless of the league they play in.
  • NB: All PB scores are obtained by the sports data company, Opta and are completely unaffiliated with Football Index.
  • NB: It should also be noted that Football Index quite regularly runs promotions with incentives that can be quite beneficial. For example, a 10% deposit bonus where any deposits you make during this promotional period will earn you 10% paid into your account by FI - Example: Pay in £100 and get £10 reward.

Dividend Payout Table

This is a table that represents the dividend payouts available to each player
This is a table that represents the dividend payouts available to each player

Example Portfolio

Let's build ourselves an example portfolio made up of ten players at today’s (February 10th, 2020) cost price on the Index.

In our working example, for simplicity's sake, we will assume 100 shares are held in each player.

For the sake of full disclosure, I own shares in half of these players.

Steven Bergwijn (£2.31) is a very skillful Dutch winger, brought in from a very successful spell with PSV and should feature prominently for the resurgent Dutch national team in the summer.

Erling Braut Haaland (£5.98), the son of Manchester City's Alf-Inge Haaland, he is a record-beating goal machine and will thrive at Dortmund before moving onto one of the very biggest teams in a year or two.

Sandro Tonali (£2.52) has been compared with Andrea Pirlo and is wanted by all the big teams in Serie A and elsewhere in Europe, with a move to Juventus most likely. He is also sure to be in Mancini's Italy squad for the summer.

Ansu Fati (£4.52), at 17 years of age, he is tipped to be the future star of the Camp Nou and Lionel Messi could soon be passing on the torch on to him.

Lionel Messi (£5.30) - The GOAT! Up there with Pelé, Maradona, and Ronaldinho as one of the greatest players ever to put on a pair of football boots.

Martin Odegaard (£3.39), is in the middle of a two-year loan spell with Real Sociedad, although we shouldn't rule out parent club Real Madrid bringing him home early given his scintillating form for the Basque team this season.

Kylian Mbappé (£6.90) is already a world-class star despite still being only 21 years old. Real Madrid seems likely to be his future home, although Liverpool are strongly interested too. He should be a star of Euro 2020 for France.

Rayan Cherki (£4.08) is only 16 years old and is already making appearances for the first-team squad of Olympique Lyon. The sky is the limit for this young man if he carries on developing at his current rate.

Baptiste Santamaria (£0.49) is our portfolio's example of a curveball. A solid and improving midfielder in Angers' team, who has the potential to double in value in a relatively quick space of time. This is our 'punt' for big returns on a little outlay.

Mohammed Ihattaren (£2.88) at 17, is another rising star for PSV. He recently chose to represent the Netherlands over Morocco and is likely to get a big move to one of Europe's top clubs in the next couple of years. Don't be surprised if Ronald Koeman selects him for the upcoming Euro's this summer.

If you had held our example portfolio for a year, at an initial outlay of £2,176 you would have turned that into £3,837

A profit of £1,661 or 76.33% plus any dividends that these ten players have won in this time period.

Try getting those kinds of returns at a bank!

Messi v Mbappé

This is simply an example of how you may look at players and decide who to buy, or not buy.

The first thing you may notice is that despite being the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, has a lower share value than Kylian Mbappé of PSG. Why?

Quite simply put, age. Messi is 33 years-old this summer and Mbappé is just 21 and Messi is therefore not seen as a long term value ‘bet’ by consumers (Remember your bet is for 3 years if held full term.)

Despite this, he still holds a high purchase price because of his constant goal and assist threat. He frequently gets great Performance Bonus (PB) scores and this puts him in line for the aforementioned dividends for match days.

He is also a media magnet, constantly in the news, which makes him a top draw for the Media Buzz dividend too.

All in all, he is still an excellent share to hold for dividends, but think of him as an expensive car that will ‘likely’ keep depreciating in value as he gets older.

Mbappé, on the other hand, is like a fine wine that is maturing and will likely only rise in value for the same reasons as mentioned for Lionel Messi but with the added bonus that he has at least 10 more years playing time in him and speculation of a move to Real Madrid or Liverpool approaching this summer.

Both are world-class players and both are very desirable to have in your portfolio but do remember to take age into consideration when purchasing.

World class players are a very desirable commodity on Football Index.
World class players are a very desirable commodity on Football Index.

Typical Weekend on Football Index

So, let's assume we bought this list of players on February 10th and look at the weekend fixtures on February 14th-16th and see how it affects our players and portfolio value, if at all.

Aston Villa - Tottenham (Bergwijn) 16/02/2020

Borussia Dortmund (Haaland) - Frankfurt 14/02/2020

Juventus - Brescia (Tonali) 16/02/2020

Barcelona (Fati & Messi) – Getafe 15/02/2020

Eibar - Real Sociedad (Odegaard) 16/02/2020

Amiens - PSG (Mbappé) 15/02/2020

Lyon (Cherki) - Strasbourg 16/02/2020

Nimes - Angers (Santamaria) 15/02/2020

* Ihattaren had no eligible fixture as he plays in the Dutch Eredivise for PSV

Friday 14th February, 2020

The first player up in our example portfolio was Erling Braut Haaland in a home match for Dortmund against Frankfurt. He went into the night at £5.91 having dropped a little in the days since we bought him (Feb 10th).

He didn't give one of his most dazzling displays and recorded a performance score of just 83. Nonetheless, he did manage to score a goal which gives us £1 IPD (1p per share) and his price remained stable at £5.91.

Bigger and better things are sure to come.

Erling Braut Haaland's Goals for Dortmund

Saturday 15th February, 2020

Going into the Saturday games, we have Ihattaren (£2.96), Fati (£4.41), Messi (£5.22), Mbappé (£6.92) and Santamaria (0.51). The current prices reflect an overall loss of fifteen pence per share since we bought them.

Messi provided an assist (£1 IPD) and a PB score of 130, whilst Fati was quiet in a game in which Barcelona struggled to beat a dogged Getafe team and scored just 76 PB points. Post-game, Messi's share price was £5.20 showing a two pence dip, whereas Fati rose two pence. (Again showing the benefit of age?)

Mbappé wasn't selected for PSG's trip to Amiens, probably because they have a huge game ahead of them in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund upcoming next week. His share price remained at £6.92.

Santamaria got a PB score of 54 in a pretty dour game at Nimes which Angers lost 1-0 after going down to ten men. His share price still rose a penny to £0.52.

Ihattaren played the full 90 minutes for PSV in their routine 3-0 away win against ADO Den Haag and continues to impress, despite his tender years. His share price remained at £2.96.

The Magic of Lionel Messi, 2020

Sunday 16th February, 2020

Sunday's games, bring the rest of our portfolio into play.

Prices going into the games were as follows: Tonali (£2.47), Cherki (£4.05), Bergwijn (£2.27) and Odegaard (£3.44).

Tonali was left out of Brescia's squad to face Juventus because of an 'undisclosed injury' and conspiracy theorists will be speculating if that was part of a future deal for the player's possible transfer to Turin. His share price remained unaffected by this at £2.47.

Sixteen-year-old Cherki was on the substitute's bench for Olympique Lyon's match against Strasbourg (amazing in itself at such a young age) and he was unfortunate not to be brought on in what was a poor performance from Lyon as they drew 1-1. Cherki's share price remained stable, however, at £4.05.

Bergwijn was taken off in the 90th minute of a very entertaining 3-2 away win for Spurs and he played well and could have scored another goal or 2 for Spurs with a bit more luck. Attained a PB score of 143 and his share price rose one penny to £2.28.

Unfortunately, Odegaard and Real Sociedad were denied the chance to play this weekend because of an accident at a landfill site close to the Eibar stadium, which left dangerous levels of chemical particles in the air. You can read the full story on that, here: Collapsed Landfill. His share price dipped a penny on the day.

Weekend Conclusions

On the face of it, circumstances such as these - Upcoming Champions League fixtures (Cherki and Mbappe) - a landfill accident in Eibar (Odegaard) - injury or more likely, potential moves to the opposition club (Tonali) - poor performances (Haaland and Fati) and ineligible fixtures (Ihattaren) dampened the chances of any portfolio growth.

However, what it does do is show us that this is a gambling/stock market platform, where share prices can go down as well as up and will be dictated by these very circumstances week in week out.

Long-term, all these players will bring a favourable outcome, I'm sure, but in the short-term anything can happen, including unforeseen injury.

This highlights the need to have a diverse portfolio - do NOT put all your eggs in one basket because it could end in disaster.

One Year Rise of Martin Odegaard

This full years graph of the meteoric rise of Martin Odegaard shows just how big profits can be if you buy into a good player early. 100 shares bought at £0.49 (£49) would now be worth £3.43 (£343)
This full years graph of the meteoric rise of Martin Odegaard shows just how big profits can be if you buy into a good player early. 100 shares bought at £0.49 (£49) would now be worth £3.43 (£343)

Twitter Community

Twitter is a great place to keep up to date with all things Football Index and football news in general, but it is worth pointing out that there are a lot of people using it for their own means.

Often called 'pumping and dumping', which is the practice of praising the benefits of a player in the hopes that more people buy into him and then selling their own holdings in the player at a bigger profit margin.

This can result in you being stuck with an overvalued player that is difficult to sell, so beware!

The antidote to this is to do all your own research and buy players that you have faith in from that research.

Here are two websites to help you get started with that:

Who Scored


Of course, Football Index has its own website that you should bookmark too.

I am including here, a list of accounts you should consider following on Twitter:

@FootballIndex @FiGuide @Bundesliga_EN @Ligue1_ENG @footballespana_ @footballitalia @WhoScored @WorldFootballi @FB_WHISPERS @GFFN @GSpanishFN @GGFN_ @_GIFN @TransfersCalcio @GERFootDaily @swearimnotpaul @FTalentScout @ZachLowy @CmdotCom_En @alerts_ipo

You can also follow me if you like this article and would like to interact with me @UtchStokie

Use the hashtags #footballindex and #FICommunity to link up with other accounts of interest.

Again, I will reiterate - Do your OWN research and do NOT be influenced by anyone else, unless you agree with their thoughts!

Further Advice

It is possible, though very difficult, to lose money on the Index and I recommend that you don't deposit a lot of money until you have learned the mechanics of how it works.

  1. Start small, learn, grow, deposit more.
  2. A month or two should have you grasping the basics and feeling more confident about your tactics going forward.
  3. Beware of IPO's (Initial Player Offerings) as they can often sting the unwary newcomer. Investors who get in early on players being brought into the database can often sell them very quickly at a much-inflated price and the newcomer can be left holding an overvalued player. Learn how the IPO structure works before getting involved.
  4. Don't be hasty in selling players just because they start going down in value for no obvious reason. This is a trading platform and sometimes people with large holdings can suddenly sell their 10,000 shares (the share price rises or falls 1p for every 900 shares bought or sold) in Messi and his value will drop accordingly, even though nothing has gone wrong for the player.
  5. Look for players that should rise in value when compared to similar players who are priced higher.
  6. Goalkeepers are not very desirable in your portfolio with the way the PB matrix works (see Points Scoring Matrix below.) They very rarely top the performance chart, so until such time that it changes I would suggest they are best avoided.
  7. Look for players who have relatively easy fixtures ahead, because if they perform well, this will see their share price rise and could throw in a nice PB or IPD to sweeten the deal.
  8. You can get the Football Index app on your mobile phone and I do advise you to do this as it makes it easier to make a trade even if you aren't at home when some big transfer or injury news breaks.
  9. When a round of Champions League fixtures or a big tournament is approaching, try to invest early in players you think will be taking part, as they can rise quite sharply in the immediate build-up. Remember the Round of Sixteen and Euro 2020 are approaching!

Point Scoring Matrix

Use this table along with your research websites to work out players you think will do well for you.
Use this table along with your research websites to work out players you think will do well for you.

The Future

Football Index is currently only available in a few selected countries, with the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Canada being the only ones I am aware of.

If, as I believe is inevitable, it spreads to other countries, then the result will be an exponential rise in market value.

If investors in those four participating countries alone have made Mbappe worth £6.92 per share, imagine how much he will be worth if Spain, France, Italy, Germany, are suddenly investing in the market too!

Imagine the potential avalanche of investment if the Asian market is opened up too.

It truly is a growing market to get involved in and in my honest opinion, we are still in the early days of its growth. There is no better time to get involved in any investment than when it is in that stage.

Football Index Promotional Video

Join Up Today

If what you have read has got you interested and you would like to make a small investment to see if you like it, you can make a deposit from the following link: Free £10.

This is a direct referral code from me, that earns both you and I a free £10 deposited straight into our accounts, so please use it and make the most of free money!

Thank you in advance and the very best of luck with your investing!

Football Index offers seven-day risk-free trading in your first week on the market, so if you try it and decide that it isn't for you, you will get all of your deposit back - nothing to lose!

Soon you will be finding yourself checking out how Amiens fared against Montpellier or checking out Bologna's latest new signing from Turkey and Villareal's upcoming youth academy talents.

It really does vastly improve your footballing knowledge and bring back the joy of watching any football game whilst also giving you the thrill you used to get from the old fashioned concept of 'betting' - you know, that thing where you used to throw your money away to the local betting shop.

Finally, I would like to point out that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Football Index or any related company


I began writing this article on February 10th and between then and its completion on February 16th, my own personal portfolio rose another 5% in value.


Did this article answer all your questions about Football Index? (If not, please leave a comment)

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© 2020 Ian


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