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Forex Exit May Be More Important Than Entry

Updated on February 7, 2011

This involves selecting points of entry, making decisions about exit points, stop losses and gain achievements of the merchant. This text can help the new investors who are just beginning to profit from the forex and the traders who are often familiar and daily investing in the market can gain or lose money. 

When I started trading in the Forex and I got my first income and my first loss, I noticed a very transcendental about the process when investing. Appropriate time for me to choose a position was rarely a dispute (about 80% of my open positions have been successful), the real problem was in setting the appropriate time to retire from that position. Not only is it important to strengthen conflict from further loss by using stop-loss orders to put a stop to the greed and gain profits when you can take them and be as high as possible. Many strategies known are known, as well as ways to enter into a proper position at the right time, as the economics textbooks, world events overall, combined technical indicators, among others. But while joining in a position trade is optional and can choose to let go good or bad conditions of entry points, this is not adjustable when we speak to exit a position. Margin trading makes it very inconvenient waits with an open position. More than that, every open position one way or another reduces the expertise of traders to invest. 

Make a choice of suitable exit points could be a simple operation if it were not so entangled Forex and volatile. In my view (supported by investment experience) exit orders for every position should be switched regularly as soon as the new information market will arise. 

Let's say you choose a short position in GBP / USD at 1.2563, in the space you're taking this position, the level of support / resistance is 1.2500/1.2620. Indicate your stop-loss order at 1.2625 and take profit order to 1.2505. So in this way, this position may be recognized as a position intraday or medium term (2-3 days). This means that you must complete before the 'end' expire, or changed in a very unpredictable position (because the market will change significantly from the time you came to this position. At once that position is taken output and orders are conditional, request further market events and technical indicators to reapply your exit orders. 

Wrap the stop loss / gain is the formula most significant while period elapses. Usually if I choose a medium-term position (2-4 days) treatment to reduce the detention and place the order by 10-25 pips (percentage point) per day. I also keep abreast of global events trying to shorten my stop-loss when some very important news can hurt my position. If the gain is already high enough, try to put my interruption loss at the entry point, setting up a safe position to win. The main idea is to hit the right balance between greed and caution. But while your position is older she will be limited gain and lose court. Also, traders should always keep an eye on if the market suddenly starts to come should be even more meticulous with the orders out, even when the position continue to give profits. 

The maneuvers and habits are a thing of every capitalist. I hope this review will make its readers about how paramount are the orders out when and how this investment will only improve their results. 

Review the books recognized Forex is elemental to be more competitive in the market, particularly if you are inexperienced in the stock market. Being able to decide patiently among many Forex brokers and be able to distinguish them with different parameters is also crucial when it comes to prosper in the market.


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