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Forex Trading Online Negotiation

Updated on February 7, 2011

Negotiating with coins in first place in the financial world with transactions exceeding 3.2 billion servings a day. This market, known as the Forex (Foreign Exchange or Foreign Currency Exchange) is based on profits or losses that a currency has over another. So, whenever we talk about pairs or crosses to invest Enell.

Taking into account the different factors that can affect performance, Board of Investment Spain publishes daily a series of guides that will be useful when making decisions:

- Currency Trading Ideas

- Chronicles of relevant market events that may affect the price of different currencies in the world

- Articles of training on how to operate in the Forex market

- News key that will be of great use in their operations with global currenciesĀ 

Also, you can find articles on forex / currency ( including currency pairs EURUSD (euro-dollar), GBPUSD (GBP-USD), USDJPY ( U.S. dollar-yen), USDMXN (U.S. dollar-Mexican peso), among others.

Board of Investment in Spain, also have the opportunity to read foreign reports on weekly, monthly forecasts for operation of the G-10 and forecasts, quarterly and yearly, on the price of the main crossings over both traditional and exotic.

How to trade currencies

Millions of people around the world have the option of operating in this attractive market currencies directly. Thanks to Board of Investment Spain will have the possibility of opening a trading account, choose those that interest you and operate our online trading platform.

Saxo Bank is a leading provider worldwide in the sector to trade currencies online, and to have competitive prices, liquidity and, above all, security. In this way, you can choose from more than 155 currency crosses throughout the world, from traditional to less known.


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