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Save Money On Back To School Shopping At Forman Mills

Updated on August 26, 2010

Forman Mills Back To School Shopping

" Stretch those bills, at Forman Mills. FORMAN MILLS!", if you live on the east coast near the city, you may be familiar with this slogan. The comercial that airs on televesion tells you " you can stretch your bills", by shopping at Forman Mills. The question is, " can you really? " I put this to the test when I went back to school shopping this weekend.

I have three children, ages 9, 6, and 5. It's important that all of my children have clothing that's comfortable and will last all school year long.

Since I no longer live in the city, I had to make the trip to the closest Forman Mills. It's about 30-40 mins away in a shopping plaza off of a major intersection. When we drove up, the parking lot was filled with cars. After circling the lot for a few minutes, I finally found a spot to park. I brung the kids and my mother on this trip. My mom is great with the kids and I figured she could keep them entertained while I looked for bargains.

My first impression of Forman Mills, is that it was neat and clean, but extraordinary crowed. There was literally wall to wall people! I naviagted through the tight isles with my shopping cart, and before I knew it, I was sucked in to a shopping tranze.

The low prices make you feel as though you're ripping the store off! I bought a variety of polo shirts for my sons at $5 a piece. Name brand jeans ranged from $5 to $25 so I got a bunch of those. For my daughter, I picked up two pieced outfts for $5, a sweater, jeans, and underwear, all for under $10 dollars. Below, I will list the pro's and con's of shopping at Forman Mills.


  • Low, low, low prices
  • Shopping for the entire family
  • Name brand clothing

The name brand clothing for low prices was the best feature of this store. Shopping for clothing here and paying less then you would in major retail store was the highlight of my shopping experience.


  • The cheaper the price the cheaper the quality
  • Some clothing washes poorly
  • Damage and slightly irregular clothing are throughout so beware!

If you look through the clothing carefully, for irregularities or damage you can avoid taking home this type of clothing. Wash all of the clothing in cold water because some of the cheaper priced items are made from cheap materials.

For the family looking to save money when back to school shopping, take time to check out Forman Mills. It's well worth the trip!


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