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Found Art: Household Items

Updated on December 26, 2009

This lovely vase is actually a bacon jar. Many things you find at the store can actually have other uses. I love to see what can be created with things that would have been thrown away. Even though glass recycles, my area doesn't have a recycling plant for miles that accepts glass, newspaper, or plastic, but I can often find other uses for the things I'm done with, and I am often delighted with the results.

Look at the shape of the jar.  Notice how it flows in and out in an attractive wave.  I have collected several of these, most with the lids on, and filled them with colorful glass marbles or polished rocks.  They make a lovely and interesting display that can be tucked most anywhere on a shelf or in your office space.

This Betta Home Used to Hold Pretzels

Making a fish home out of an empty pretzel or animal cracker container can be lots of fun. You're going to want to put some sort of gravel (in this case glass marbles) in the bottom. The lid needs holes in it because fish must have access to air. There are eighth inch holes in this lid, about six of them. The fish has been in this jar for over a year now, and he seems to be quite contented, especially considering that most bettas have to live in a much smaller bowl. Change part of the water (about half, and take the fish out when you do it) about once a month. Too often and you upset the fish needlessly and joggle the balance of microscopic aquatic animals he needs to help him stay healthy.

Additional note: bettas hate to be netted, so if you can catch him with a clear plastic cup it will go easier on him. Place your hand over the cup so he doesn't jump out. Scrub any slime or algae deposits that may form around the rim with plain salt (available from the grocery store), and rinse well. Salt is an excellent cleaner and is safe to use around fish.


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