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Get Free Books And Free Cable TV!

Updated on August 26, 2011

Free: A Great Word!

Free Books and Cable At Your Nearest Internet Connection!
Free Books and Cable At Your Nearest Internet Connection!

Find Out About Free Stuff On The Internet


Who doesn't want free stuff?! Everyone who is honest will probably admit to having dreams of getting something for nothing. The internet provides allot of evidence to support this thesis. Many people love the internet for the very reason that, aside from the monthly payments to a service provider, there is tons of information, content, and entertainment available for free of charge! Just out of curiosity I recently typed in a google search using the term "Free Stuff". Not surprisingly all sorts of offers and websites popped up in the google search engine. Around 322 Million results were found making offers for free t-shirts, free samples, free downloads, free posters, free software, free clothing, free gift-cards, free hats, free coupons, and more. The top site that came up on the search was I'm not necessarily endorsing the site because I haven't really looked into it allot, but it certainly had an entire directory of offers for free stuff, including timely new offers that had been added as of the week and day of the search. I did click on one of the free offers (a free $100 gift card for McDonald's or Wendy's) It then took me to a site displaying my free gift card. Again I'm not giving my full endorsement on this one, but the site did appear to be legitimate. There was a catch though, as I would suspect with many of these offers, requiring you to answer a quick survey and then you had to accept 2 other offers. Some of these were temporarily free trials, while others required you to pay a low price charge. Others like offers for free credit scores and credit card sign ups appeared to be free. Then of course you would have had to give your mailing address and other info to get the card. So before going any further with this hub, I will warn those who choose go on a quest for free stuff on the internet. First off there is really and truly no such thing as a free lunch or in this example free stuff on the internet. As any good economist would point out there is always an opportunity cost. Or in other words you will have to give up something in order to get something in return; always! It may not be money, but definitely time or other resources that are of value to those making the offers. Secondly one needs to realize that the world of offers for free stuff is likely to be filled with fraud and scams. Always use common sense and do your homework before giving any information out over the internet. With all of that being said, I do believe that there are legitimate opportunities to get free stuff on the internet. And I will now go on to summarize two of these opportunities. One is how to use the internet to get free books and the other is a way to get cable TV for free on the internet!




Want Free Books?

There is a website called that currently offers over 29,000 books on their website. All are available to download as e-books for free! That's right no charge at all and many different reading formats are offered. You can download the free e-book that you would like to read into PDF, HTML, PDB (ereader), Ipodnotes, Rocketbook, Plaintext .txt, and other choices. Along with being completely free, the site is easy to use. All of the free e-books are categorized by genre, title, author, new additions, and recommended. Many of the books are from famous authors including H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, and many others. For those who may be trying to practice the use of a foreign language, the site even offers books written in a number of different languages, including Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, and others. These are of course free also. Many of the books on the site come from Project Gutenberg ( another source for free e-books. There are also other sources for the books offered on the site, which are all made available for free due to their public domain and creative commons status. So you don't have to worry about doing anything illegal!


Get Free Live Cable TV Streamed Through The Internet!

Now that I have pointed everyone to some sources for free books on the internet, some might be wondering about  other opportunities for free entertainment. Well, in fact as my title indicates there is a way to get free cable TV streamed through the internet. Most of you may be thinking that I'm about ready to point you towards already well known sites like YouTube or Hulu. Although it is true that these sites do indeed provide some free programming over the internet, I am referring to a website that enables you to view live cable TV broadcasts on your computer and its free of charge! The site I am talking about is They have taken free online video and programming content to a new level by offering live programming for free. The website was only first launched in September of 2010, and they are staking their claim to being the first high definition internet TV service in the U.S.A. So far their service offers 30 premium free television channels and free premium international satellite channels. The roundup includes CBS, NBC, ABC, KCAL, Fox, Russia Today, Sky News, Bloomberg, CNN International, RAI Sports, CBS Reality, FilmOn Movies, and FilmOn Pay-Per-View. a website that streams live video produced via an interactive 24x7 reality TV community, is also considered to be a part of the overall FilmOn project. In addition to streaming live programming to your computer also has a mobile TV service that can be streamed for free to mobile devices including the ipone, ipad, android, and Blackberry devices. The legality of the site is already being questioned (at least for the site to actually operate, not necessarily for users) and major media companies like CBS, NBC, and FOX have brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against the upstart However there isn't any reason to count the site out yet, considering it is owned and operated by billionaire digital media entrepreneur Alki David. He was born into money but built his inheritance into an even greater fortune  through a number of investments and ventures including a shipping company, an independent rock label, and some movie projects. He doesn't seem to be afraid of controversy (In August of 2010 he offered $ 1 million to the first taker that agreed to streak in front of a President Obama with written on their chest). He has fiercely contended the legality of his FilmOn operation and appears to be prepared to throw his own financial resources behind a vigorous legal defense.


Hope you enjoyed the info and found it useful, I plan to investigate more opportunities for free stuff on the internet in the future!


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    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very interesting. Thanks for the information; I am pssing it on to family and friends. Good Hub.

    • Mr Tindle profile image

      Mr Tindle 7 years ago

      Thanks Shynsly,

      Hope your wife enjoys!

    • shynsly profile image

      shynsly 7 years ago from Sierra Vista, AZ

      Awesome, my wife will definitly appreciate the free e-books deal. Good info, but, alas... not many things are truly free, so in the spirit of capitalism, here's a few more clicks for ya, lol.

    • Mr Tindle profile image

      Mr Tindle 7 years ago

      Kaie Arwen,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

      I like totallyfreestuff.......... it's a great site, but I don't ever do anything that requires countless pages that mean I'll receive a thousand emails. Thanks........ this was great! Kaie

    • Mr Tindle profile image

      Mr Tindle 7 years ago


      No problem, thanks for reading. Glad you found it informative.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Thanks. I just checked out Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.