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Guidelines That Get You Out of Credit Card Debt Faster

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked on Wall Street managing money. She loves to share how you can easily increase your net worth too!

If You're Drowning in Debt, Try This...

Here, are debt guidelines to assist you in your quest for becoming debt-free!

  • If you are drowning in debt, seek a certified credit counselor who can advise you about taking the proper steps in paying down your debt.
  • It's also a terrific idea to write the credit bureaus to get an accurate copy of your credit report to see the credit delinquencies you are dealing with. As you begin your planning of a debt elimination system, work on making your credit report more useful by learning how to increase your score.
  • Update your personal credit information and work history.
  • Comb through your credit report carefully to make sure you are truly the owner of your individual debt, by verifying your accounts. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how many errors and mistakes a credit-reporting agency can contain.
  • Eliminate credit reporting errors by complaining, and make sure all your accounts are in satisfactory standing.
  • Make sure your credit report boosts your creditworthiness, instead of hindering it. It's necessary to keep your credit report in excellent standing, even if your goal is to eliminate debt altogether to live a carefree lifestyle.

Use Debit Cards Instead of Credit Cards or Use Cash Only

You may own a plethora of credit cards, but all you really need is one bank card!
You may own a plethora of credit cards, but all you really need is one bank card! | Source

Lower Your Debt by,

  • Striving to pay your high-interest credit cards and loans first. Then promise to not ever get into credit card or unsecured debt.
  • Negotiating over the amount you owe. Get your creditors to lower the amount you owe especially, if you recently became disabled, or lost your job. You'll be surprised how receptive creditors are towards aiding you to eliminate your credit card debt. Creditors will prefer to have a partial payment toward what you owe, then no payment at all!
  • Having a yard sale to raise extra cash to pay down your debt.
  • Cutting your credit cards in half so you won't have the temptation to use them.
  • As you are paying down your debt, do not make additional credit card charges.
  • Feeling grateful and content for all you do own.
  • Always saving part of your money in an interest-bearing account, to build your net worth, as you are paying down your debt.
  • Giving a few things to a charity of your choice to get a tax write-off at the end of the year. The money you get back on your taxes further uses to pay down your credit card debt.
  • Calculating how long it will take you to get out of debt and circle your debt freedom date on your calendar. From this day forward, you'll be living a breezy lifestyle with no more debt to boggle you and pull you down.

Strive to Live a Debt Free Lifestyle

You can become debt-free just like millions of people who are enjoying a carefree lifestyle! If they can do it on their income, you'll surely be able to do it, too. It'll take a bit of commitment on your part, however, you can do this!

Strive to live a debt-free life! It's worth having the weight, of the world, lifted from your shoulders. You'll be able to sleep better and have less anxiety with no debt worries.

Forgive yourself for getting into debt, and then, forget about what caused you to get into debt in the first place. Your new debt-free life is well deserved. Having gone through this will make you wiser, though it wasn't a pleasant experience. You'll definitely have learned a lot from it. For sure, you'll know not to make the same mistakes twice.

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