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Free Investment Newsletter to help you avoid another lost decade

Updated on August 14, 2011

Our successful investment strategy for retirement is based on the ability to detect the long term trends of broad, major markets.

To explain this better we can use an analogy of steering a large ship. Imagine the broad markets we monitor are like large ships. Every ship captain knows you cannot change the course of a large vessel quickly; likewise once a change of course is started it cannot be reversed quickly. Broad markets behave in a similar way. These markets are just too big to change course quickly! It takes time for a broad market to change direction but more importantly once started that change cannot be quickly reversed.We monitor the direction (up or down) of these broad markets. When our computers determine that a change of course is under way we alert you immediately. It is then your action to adjust your investments accordingly.

The strategy is very simple.

  • When the broad market is going up (based on our market signals) invest your money in the market (stocks).
  • When the market is going down invest your money in bonds or cash funds.

This retirement strategy increased our return to 126% vs a 10% loss of traditional Buy and Hold strategy for the same broad market index (S&P 500) in a 10-year period from 2000 to 2009.

Another way to say it - if you were to invest $100 during this period, you would have ended up with $90. With our long term market trend strategy, you would have ended up with $226. A $136 difference.

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