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Free Makeup Samples Without Surveys

Updated on February 20, 2012

Free Samples Without Surveys

I have a huge list of free samples without surveys for all of you today. Below, I have list several free makeup samples. That's right all are 100% free samples of makeup from various companies. As usual, all the free samples listed below completely free of requirements. This means you only need to fill out the address where you want the free sample delivered. No surveys! No personal information! No purchase required! So enjoy all the freebies I have gathered for you this week and remember to check out all my other hubs for more 100% free samples without surveys and free samples with no requirements. I hope you enjoy the free samples!

Before I begin listing all the free samples for this week, please feel free to stop by some of my other hubs, sites and blogs for even more free samples. As always these freebies are all survey free!

Many times these free samples will only last for a short time or until the manufacturer runs our of product to sample. If at any point any of the links on my hubs or websites goes dead, please feel free to contact me to let me know.

If you come across any free samples you'd like to share with everyone contact me by leaving a comment below and I will add it to this hub. Remember this hub is all about free samples without surveys, so you sample must be 100% free.

Thank you and enjoy the free samples!

Free Almay iColor Samples

Sorry, this offer has expired.

Privevenue is offering a free samples of Almay's intense icolor mascara. Choose from four different shades. Raisin Quartz, Black Pearl, Brown Topaz and Purple Amythest. There is a different shade of mascara for every eye color. This type of make up is designed to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. If you are interested, you can get this freebie here.

Free Mary Kay Samples

Mary Kay is offering a free sample card of their mineral eye shadow and cheek color makeup. Each free makeup color card comes with three colors to create your unique look. Go for a classic, simple or a dramatic look. It's all up to you! So grab yourself a free sample of Mary Kay makeup, what have you got to lose... It's FREE!

If you are interested in this free sample, you can get it here... Free Mary Kay Makeup Sample!

Free Sample Of Cover Girl

Cover Girl is giving away a free sample of their advanced radiance! Find out which shade flatters you best. So, sign up and get colormatched today!

If you are interested in this free Cover Girl sample, you can get it here.. Cover Girl Free Sample!

Free Samples Of Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex is giving away a free sample of their lip balm. Carmex makes the best lip balm on the market. After filling in the address form simply choose which type of Carmex lip balm you'd like as your free sample. Choose from either a free sample of Clickstick or their traditional Carmex lip balm jar.

If you'd like you free sample you can grab it here... Free Sample Of Carmex Lip Balm!

I hope you enjoyed these free samples! Please stop by my other free sample hubs and sites listed below for even more free samples!


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    • rap profile image

      Ruth Perkins 3 years ago from New England

      Out of the only 4 free samples listed, one has expired as you note, two of them do not have working links to the product and the third one is for a printable coupon...maybe the coupon is for a free sample....?

    • profile image

      ashlee 5 years ago

      Love it! Free make up in the mail what more can you ask for?

    • profile image

      mary 5 years ago

      i love free stuff

    • profile image

      vannesa 5 years ago

      oh thank god o_o

    • profile image

      jasimen 5 years ago


    • profile image

      linex 6 years ago

      how do you get the free makeup/

    • profile image

      kimberleyy98x 7 years ago

      i know that's what i thought coz u just click on them and it says u have to pay for them:/

    • profile image

      monalisha mohapatra 7 years ago

      wow this is really good..but how to get this free samples

    • profile image

      babita ghosh 7 years ago

      i love doing makeup with the latest around, thank for all this.

    • profile image

      louella 7 years ago

      I like free makeup samples they r good to c way color looks good on ur self.

    • profile image

      falguni Rana 8 years ago

      very nice, because its free.........

    • profile image

      Sumi 8 years ago

      Well, you always say free samples, but kindly do also tell me that are these free samples available in India? I am tired of searching now. Thanks.

    • cosmetics author profile image

      cosmetics author 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Free + makeup = match made in heaven. :)