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Free Movie and Theater Tickets

Updated on May 19, 2013
Pantages Theater
Pantages Theater | Source

Free Movie Tickets

Free Advance Movie Screenings

The first method will get you into a free screening of a new movie. They want to have an audience to test out the movies. Sometimes there are ads in the newspapers for going to the free screenings of movies. Also you can apply online to get movie tickets.

An in person method is to be asked by the street interviewers to go to a free movie. They have them in New York City and in Los Angeles. You need to pass the qualification for it. They ask if you have seen some recent movies or not. Then they will ask what your favorite movies were also. You need to be in certain categories including the age category. They need to have certain sections of the population represented for market research. So if you pass it, you can see an advanced movie screening for free. You can bring a date or someone else with you.

If someone is in SAG the entertainment agency and others of that type they are not eligible to go to the advance screenings of that type. The theaters are crowded and it is first come first served usually. You will probably get a seat. It is a good idea to arrive early.

In New York City and Los Angeles also the recruiters can be seen in front of the different theaters giving away the free tickets. They are not there all the time, they are only there at certain times. You should not try and give them away to someone else as they could be turned away if they are not in the right age range. You do not usually have to fill out any question forms about the movies but they might have you do that. Be sure to ask if they have tickets and it is not just a movie survey as they might be on occasion.

SAG Free Movie Screenings

SAG- AFTRA has its own free movie screenings. That is the US entertainment agency for its performers. You need to have your SAG card to be eligible. Some members think that they get to see all the movies free but that is not really the case.

When it is Oscar time, some of the movies will give free screenings to SAG members so they can show the members the movies to try to get votes. There will be announcements about them through the SAG website. Also has its own free movie screenings that it has through their agency.

The Film Crew

The crew does have some free movies tickets that they get to use for themselves and their families and friends. They can be used to see any movie in the theaters with some exceptions. You may notice the instructions for those sometimes at the movie theaters.

I know they do because I had one myself that one of the friends of a crew member gave to me. There was a time limit on it when it would expire. It is not a good idea to just go up to the crew and ask them about it. If you are a film extra especially you should not ask them.

Free Movie Deals from the Theaters

Some theaters such as AMC have free movie deals that can qualify you for getting free tickets.

Be a Movie Reviewer

Being a reviewer will let you get into the movie free with your company ID card. It would be for the special advance screening.

Working in the Movie Corporate Offices

Working in the offices doing secretarial and other work can make you eligible to get free movie tickets.

Tickets as Prizes at Work

The companies do give out movie tickets for different prizes. Make sure that you are not missing out on any benefits from getting good customer comments on your work or anything like that at the company that you work for.

Free Theater Seats

Theater Student Discounts

You can get seats for free or for a discount from being an acting student at one of the different acting schools in New York. You just need to show them you school ID card. They will let you have seats on the back of the stage. You can watch the whole show from there.

Usher Work at the Theaters

You can get free tickets from doing volunteer work at the theaters. They might have something where you can just volunteer for the day. It could be a longer volunteer time that they have for the season. If you get permanent paid work at the theaters as being ushers you can also of course see the plays for free.

Off Broadway Shows and Other Theaters

Several of the smaller theaters Off Broadway downtown have free shows that they put on that everyone can go to. It may be a first come first served idea. You can look in the Village Voice newspaper for any special deals.

In other cities there are some theaters also that have free seating available for people.


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