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Free Samples with No Requirements Pt 3

Updated on March 25, 2014

100% Free Samples

Here we go again, another addition of free samples with no requirements. Those of you how have read my previous hubs know but for those of you who don't... Truly free samples are getting harder and harder to find online. You have to sort through so many scams and so much spam. Fortunately for all of you reading, I have done all of the foot work for you. That's right, I go through all the crap to bring you 100% legitimate free samples. These samples are all survey free, yup, NO surveys. You won't have to give out any personal information, except for the delivery address. Last but not least, no purchase required. You won't have to buy a thing to get any of the free samples that I list on my hubs. So please feel free to check them out, I hope you enjoy.

Free Sample Recap

Before I list the samples I've found over the last few days, here are my previous hubs for those of you who missed them.

Free Samples with No Requirements - In this hub you'll find deodoarant, coffee, and pet treat samples, all 100% free!

Free Samples with No Requirements Part 2 - You can get a free children's sippy cup or adult's water bottle and a free sample of splenda with fiber on this hub!

Free Dove Products

Get yourself a free sample of Dove's new line called Calming Night. The page is in Spanish but you will receive a travel size bar soap sample. If you are interested you can get your free sample here!

Free Coupon Booklet

Nabisco is offer a free booklet with $55 in coupons on Nabisco and Kraft products. Now, I know this isn't technically a free sample but it is well worth your time. There are coupons for Planters, Capri Sun, Chips Ahoy, Easy Mac and much more! Get you free sample!

Free Toothpaste Sample

no longer available

Get a free sample of Aquafresh Exteme Clean toothpaste. This is a sample for a 1.8 oz tube of Aquafresh toothpaste. This is perfect for traveling and even if you aren't planing on doing so... it's still FREE! Get it here!

As always people, freebies and free sample don't last forever. Please let me know if any of the links has run dry and I will replace them with new samples. Any and all feedback is welcome simply leave a comment below. Remember to check back for more free sample, I usually try and make at least one hub per week. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed all the free samples!


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      McG 7 years ago

      wow, very nice article, I'll have to start doing these, who doesn't love free samples??

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