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Free Bargains From Harvard University

Updated on November 1, 2015
Harvard Business School students at conference
Harvard Business School students at conference | Source
Arnold Arboretum
Arnold Arboretum | Source

Free Giveaways

The Arnold Arboretum - Plants

You can get free plants from the yearly giveaway from The Arnold Arboretum. You do need to have a membership already in it. This year it is being held in September, 2013.

Harvard University Recycling Center

Then there is the Harvard University Recycling Center. It has been called Harvard's junkyard. The goods are available for a free giveaway to anyone. There is a line to wait in to get something. There are all kinds of things such as office supplies and furniture that are available from it. It has turned into a popular event for people to come to. It is a weekly event that happens every Thursday.


There is a Freecycle every couple of months where students and staff donate their stuff they would like to recycle for the event. It goes on at the Science Center at Harvard. It is part of the green program there. In exchange they can get something else there. It is a free event as one might think. The faculty and students go to it. Everyone from the area can go to it. There are all kinds of items available. People like getting the Harvard items that were overstocked. There are the misspelled items they have that they like to get.

Items that are not claimed that day will go to Surplus Distribution in Allston, Massachusetts. It is free also and it goes on every Thursday.

I am including all of the links to these events in the links section below.

Harvard University
Harvard University | Source

College Courses and Lectures

Free Online Courses

Harvard University is now offering free online courses to people who are interested. There are several subjects available. The Harvard University courses will be given on line through the edX website program. It looks like a good website. Look for the Harvard University icon. There are several other colleges and universities that are participating and they are listed on the site also.

Free Education

Harvard University is also now offering students a chance to get a free education at Harvard if their family income is below $60,000. It is a big opportunity for some students. I see they do need to be honor students to qualify.

iTunes U

iTunes U - offers lectures and other events for viewing from Harvard University free of charge.

See the links section below for the websites.

Harvard Open Courseware Making Websites

More Free Things to Do or Use

Observatory of the Harvard Center for Astrophysics - Free Night

Every month there are free nights for everyone at the Observatory for the Harvard Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a great chance to go to the observatory and see what is going on there in the universe.

Free Public Graffiti Wall

There is also a free public graffiti wall in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anyone that wants to can use it to express themselves. It is to show the power of free speech for everyone.

Free Legal Resources for Research

There are free legal resources for all at the Harvard Law School Library online website. You can get research there for both federal and state cases. There is a chat program that you can use to chat with a librarian if you need to also.

Free Legal Aid in Person

There is free legal aid available from Harvard Legal Aid Bureau in Cambridge from student lawyers. You do need to be low income to qualify. They also need to check and see if you are in a covered area and that you qualify for the services. They give legal help for civil cases.

Free Tax Help

You can also get free help with your taxes from Harvard Law School students at income tax time. The volunteers will be at the Cambridge Public Library in person during tax season. The income limit on it is $50,000 a year for doing the taxes. See the website page for more information on the program.

Check out the links for all of these websites below.

My Temp Experience at Harvard

I did have a temp assignment at Harvard University. I was typing of course and I answered the phone. I worked for one of the professors there. She was a female professor. I was quite busy. I typed a manuscript there for her. It was about some of her husband's experience going to see the Navaho Indians in Arizona. He had started to try to talk to them in Navaho. One of them asked him why didn't he use English instead.

Some of the students that I saw there are just like everywhere else. I know it has a very good reputation.

Have you gone to Harvard or visited there?

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