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Freebie's-Sites that work!

Updated on May 29, 2015

PINCHme - I picked this one to list first because it is the BEST that I have found so far! Basically all you do is sign up and take a few quick surveys- then you are given a list of items to choose from. Honestly I have never had to choose because usually when I check in there are some items that are "Out of Stock" so I usually end up with 3 or 4 items to add to my box. Its on a first come, first served basis so the faster you check the site when they update their freebies, the better chances you will have to get better stuff! You can either check your email and wait for them to notify you, logon to the website and check daily- or you can do the lazy thing like me and set a reminder in your phone to remind you when the new releases are coming out! -note: I believe the items are updated every-other Tuesday but its better to check their website and keep up-to-date on their release dates. Then after you receive your box and try the products log back onto the website and there will be a short 3-5 multiple choice questionnaire and it may ask you to leave a short review but it literally takes a few minutes and then you are able to start up a new box!

BzzAgent - This is my second favorite! Its easy but you have to actually participate to get a box in the mail and from what I hear- the more you participate, the higher they rank you and the more offers you get! All you have to do is sign up and take surveys so that they can match you to products and campaigns. I signed up and got a "bzzcampaign" the same day! A "bzzcampaign" is when you get chosen to receive a box and give your input on whatever surprises they send you! You can check the site regularly to see if you have any new offers or they will email you when you get an offer to a campaign. I still suggest logging in and checking to make sure there aren't any new surveys for you to take - because the surveys are what get you chosen for campaigns!

Swaggable - Now this one is a bit different from the others, but don't worry- its easy too! You sign up- but instead of taking surveys they have a ton of different items that you can "WANT" and by adding things to your want-list it gives them a better idea of the types of things you are interested in. Then they choose people to send the products too- then all you have to do is write an honest review of the products you receive and then you are well on your way to getting even more free stuff! I like this one simply because it is different than the others and it doesn't require you to answer a ton of survey questions!

EXPOtv - This one I have not personally tried - I want you to know that before I get started talking about it. Although I have not tried this one myself I have heard amazing things from family/friends about it! I am not compelled to try it simply because I am not the most comfortable with being on camera. If you want to receive free products to try, have a webcam and you aren't shy- well this one is great for you! They send you products to try to all you have to do is log on, turn on your webcam and start telling people what you like about it and what you don't. Pretty simple right?! and FYI: I've heard the most hype about full-size products being sent from this site!

AND - Id like to add this last site because I know a lot of people (myself included) who have fallen for this site and have spent endless hours for absolutely NOTHING - so this one is a warning, NOT a site I would recommend. Crowdtap apparently used to be awesome and one of the best sites to win things, get freebies from, ect.. but they have recently been changing a lot of things on their site and basically dug themselves into a grave with their changes. Don't get me wrong- you can still win things and what not from this site but it is now a "enter for a chance to win" type of site- no longer a legit freebie site! So beware!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do!


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