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Freelance Logo Design is One of the Best Freelancer Jobs Today

Updated on November 2, 2014
Freelance logo designers find thousands of online companies searching for logos to brand their company, service or product.
Freelance logo designers find thousands of online companies searching for logos to brand their company, service or product. | Source
Research job opportunities around the web offered to freelancers.
Research job opportunities around the web offered to freelancers.

Offering a logo design service is a wonderful way for a graphic designer to earn a very nice living

If you happen to be an imaginative, inspired artistic online presence able to create logo designs a wonderful opportunity is yours in the form of becoming a freelance logo designer. This is a resourceful prospect countless web designers and other similarly inspired people have found to be a terrific profession to make a living at. Freelance logo design is one of the best freelancer jobs today.

Graphic design jobs specializing in logos involve an originator producing or fashioning a logo or identity for a business, company or organization. Branding is extremely popular today and this is one avenue used to accomplish this task. Business logo design is where the majority of freelancers in this industry earn the majority of their take-home pay.

Website logos

Having a website logo is a very important piece of attracting company customers as well as clients for any business. As a vital image for an business, the logo crafted will possibly make or break a company. Imagine the graphic designer which was responsible for making the Pepsi logo and what it accomplished for the company. Some of the best logo designs are presented by freelancers working in the area.

Our current economy has an enormous amount of entrepreneurs that have emerged with a desire to begin their own small business. This makes business logo design expected to see an increase in the next several years with no shortage in the amount of work available. Therefore, the need for business logo designers is a growing and now would be a good time to invest for your future income needs as a freelance logo designer.

Logo companies

Logo design companies which provide similar services do exist. However, tons of smaller businesses are turning to the services offered by freelance logo designers rather than a logo design company. They provide a personal feel and atmosphere along with having less expensive pricing speaking to the needs of the smaller businessman.

Some larger companies without design teams on staff are looking in the direction of freelancers specializing in logo work. Bigger companies are outsourcing lots of jobs for a variety of reasons. Any freelancers fortunate enough to fall into one of these types of jobs or gigs for corporate logo work typically finds consistent work.

This is wonderful since any freelancer understands countless times your income is inconsistent. Inconsistent income simply happens to be the nature of freelance work. You encounter a feast or famine pay packet if you don’t consistently have a job in the wings.


Webmasters also search for freelance graphic designers to illustrate products and services along with their website. Imagine the amount of websites, blogs, services and products found all over the Internet and realize the growing number of freelance graphic design jobs available in this niche. Online logo designs for any business are one of the primary vehicles designers use to get their creations in front of their prospective clients. This is a form of free advertising for many.

The best freelance logo designers, whether for business logo design or corporate logo design, will offer creative and innovative ideas for their customers and clients. You don’t necessarily have to be a logo design pro. As a freelance logo designer you can even use logo design software to assist you with your inventive and novel productions.

Possible income to be earned

If you are interested in the amount of money to be made in this profession specializing in logos the average rate for an online design project ranges from $50 to $200. However, there are some websites such as Crowdspring that have jobs available paying triple that fee.

Crowdspring is a wonderful site bringing freelancers offering these services and businesses together. There is no shortage of projects to be performed and the pay is extremely good compared to other similar employment found on freelancer job boards. Almost all of the projects found on this site are above average for job payment.

This is definitely an up and coming industry. It is being discovered as one of the most in demand freelancer jobs around the web. One of the reasons for the popularity is because every company and business understands the importance of Branding and having a company logo design is much more important than what it once was.

In conclusion

Countless persons once tied to a company are venturing out on their own under a freelancer opportunity. They are discovering the jobs are there along with the pay. If you are considering making a move in this direction, investigate the pros and cons tied to the decision and make the most informed decision for your particular circumstance.


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    • luciano63 profile image

      Luciano Bove 

      5 years ago from Paris

      Love you Hub !

    • AdeelAthar profile image

      Adeel Ather 

      5 years ago

      Online Logo designing is sometimes get risky. There are certain scams involve in it. Everyone should be aware.

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 

      6 years ago

      GREAT Hub smcopywrite! My logo for Earth Angel Publishing was created by freelance artist James Edmondson ~ right before his older brother Paul founded HubPages! I love it as much today as I did years ago when he designed it ~ it's on my avatar always! As an artist myself, I love the ideas you present for making a living doing what we love! Thank you! Blessings, Earth Angel!


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