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Freelance Writer - Craft News Reports With Digital Journal

Updated on May 16, 2014
Your home news room may not be as high tech as the ATV news room!
Your home news room may not be as high tech as the ATV news room! | Source

Digital Journal is an online news site offering citizen journalists opportunities to write the news they want. Whether you want to write news from your local community, or put forward your own views on important matters happening around the world, you'll find ample opportunity with Digital Journal.

Contributing writers are paid for page view/site ranking levels and working with this site is a great way to create a digital news portfolio in specific areas of interest.

Register with Digital Journal

Anybody can sign up for an account with Digital Journal and begin posting news straight away, if writers want to receive payment, however, they need to submit an application and links to other published works.

Applicants are screened by the Digital Journal editorial staff, and, if successful, accepted onto the platform as paid contributors. Payment is based on page views coupled with the writer's on site ranking.

Working with Digital Journal

As an accepted paid contributor to Digital Journal writers can claim articles from the listing of available assignments, post any other news items they wish, promote news from specific localities or write OpEd pieces relative to breaking news. Photo journalism is often a regular option for paid contributors via the assignments as photo specials are requested every few weeks. These can range from pictures of the writer's neighborhood over the festive season to specific photos relative to breaking news stories.

Photos also need to be attached to each news article, where original images are uploaded the Digital Journalist also receives payment for each "like" of the image. When writers choose to contribute a photo special, payments are made for the numbers of likes on each image as well as page views received. Journalists can choose to retain all rights to photographs, if they wish.

Assignments on Digital Journal

When writers claim assignments from the available list on Digital Journal the publishing deadline will be shown. Deadlines can range from within minutes or hours to days or even weeks ahead. The assignment list varies from serious breaking news of a political or economic nature to trivia and interesting news facts and items. It can be quite an eyeopener to read the list of open assignments and click through to the linked news sites to read some of the news items published around the world. Small bonus payments are made for claimed news assignments as these are deemed to be in highest demand by the Digital Journal editors.

When photo essay assignments are claimed they may have allocated titles, for example coverage of festive events or special occasions across the world, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Other photo essay assignments give writers freeform opportunity to create photo essays around specific areas of interest, like tourism and destinations.

Digital Journal also has linked to the PR newswires which are updated on a rolling basis, so clicking through the PR links can provide interesting story lines as well.

Where journalists prefer to build up a portfolio of relevant news items from their home location or home country, Digital Journal assignments may offer scope to cover pertinent news, alternatively writers create their own news items and will be paid by page view/ranking accordingly.

All stories need to have at least three links to relevant news stories or recognized news source information, such as government facts and figures or business/company press releases or website detail.

Receiving payments

Digital Journal pays writers on the first day of the month, providing the nominal minimum payment threshold is achieved.

Payments are made via Paypal and are regular as clockwork.


The Digital Journal site is easy to navigate and assignments can be fun to claim and provide interesting material when written up.

Creating an online portfolio of news stories is a good idea for aspiring news writers and writers with an interest in promoting areas of interest, hobbies or locational news from specific neighborhoods, cities, states or countries can build up dedicated readership over time.

The community at Digital Journal interacts freely with other members and liking, commenting or responding to news created by other writers is a common feature earning points for members and increasing their monthly ratings level.


© 2014 Dawn Denmar


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