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Freelancers and Freelancing: Future of work or just a good idea?

Updated on March 15, 2017

Personal Freedom - Financial Freedom

Being free... What does it mean? These days, the real values are somewhere and somewhat lost... Where and in which moment- nobody can't accurately tell. In ex-Yugoslavian region, where I live, it is the time when Europe was in prosperity - the 90's.

- But, there is a way, a thing, that can save a lot of money and time, and actually make your home, your own room, as office with no or minimal investments. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's something that will actually replace all physical presence need. With development of Internet, Communications and IT sector- jobs became more available for all people world wide. I'm not talking about applying for jobs online, but about freelancing platforms.

- Many companies, have already turned to this way of work. "Working on Cloud" is my term for this type of work when I need to explain someone in one sentence, what is "freelancing".

To be Freelancer, you have to register on Freelancing Platform

Freelancing platforms, such as former oDesk- now UpWork-,, (which will become UpWork as well), PeoplePerHour, or some of specific type of platforms whereby you can sell your specific skills and implement it into "work-pack" whereby best example is

- I will choose now UpWork (or formerly "oDesk") platform. To register, go at the the top-right corner, at UpWork, and make sure that you complete your profile by simple following tips while you're registering. What's UpWork's great advantage is that, aside of uploading your resume, or representing text at your public profile, you can upload simply portfolio and do some test - for free! Doing tests, and making your grades at them "Above Average", "TOP20%", or "TOP10%" and even "TOP1%" makes you definitely more attractive for clients.

In order to stand out, make your completeness level: 100%, and stand-out by taking relevant tests that will wrap-up your profile and make it unique when applying for a job.

- You don't have to be doctor to work here. Only and only requirement is to have stable Internet connection. Depending on jobs, Internet connection bandwidth requirement can be various due nature of job. If you're applying for positions like Customer Support, or Technical Support Agent, that will use VoIP type of technology to communicate with end-users of Client's (employers name on UpWork(R)) product or service. Same applies for Sales Representative type of jobs.

Example of Good Profile

Professionally and smoothly done UpWork profile.
Professionally and smoothly done UpWork profile. | Source


Life of a freelancer can be tough. It's not easy to organize your time, to stay focused 9 hours, to be a real hard-worker, to be first! The competitive spirit in you, is what keeps you "in game", and you have to be keen to learn, pass knowledge, and share skills among the team you get in, as a freelancer, at the company/ firm, don't be patronizing type of guy- even if you're most tech savvy of them all!

A good service, a good remote help desk service of any kind- including here technical support of all types (incl. System and Network Administration) is a gateway to your first thousand. After that, you will get a sense of how to handle with clients, customers, teams, how do you see yourself in various teams, there will be ups and downs- but hey! Life is made of them, so you're here to beat those down's and cash up your "ups" / skills/ talent.

Honestly, do not lean only on your talent! Work on yourself. Skills you have is what is valued. A bit problematic can be the experience you have when you create a profile, until getting a job. Especially, if you don't have real-life work experience even... Which is case with most Eastern European most intelligent type of programmers (sadly), and generally youth from Balkan peninsula. We are having an epidemic of "youth brains being sold- not serving and working in their own country due better everything just going up- in Hungary- I would be paid triple than in Serbia". I am not judging them, I understand them ( please comment on this - I am interested into your thinking about all this) because for a salary that for instance IT Professor earns here is not 1/4 of weekly wage of some guy that works at hardware shop. I am telling you all this, as my mom is IT professor and accredited ECDL tester for whole World. Her wage, before started working in EU with struggled hard getting EU passport as her mom and dad (both dead) were Hungarian. (If I was only a bit smarter, to refresh my memory when 99% of people applied were passing, I've missed my chance to pass the test at embassy and now I only have non-EU Serbian passport. But, my mother, thank her a lot- for real- will play on card in U.K of "family reunion" for better life of mine and my sister, as my brother already has a daughter, married, lives in Germany. Only sister and me live here in Serbia, with all skills we have being underestimated for general "public" good (i.e free medicines that are "necessere est" ).

So, to get back on track, if you are ready to WORK hard, and learn in same time- than welcome, and contact me at mail: [milanovicful[at]] . I will personally guide you how to start being freelancer and work from comfort of your home for very acceptable rates per hour.

Please visit in order to see for instance an example of profile, and homepage which is mentioned in upper-part of sentence, is place to Register, and start your work at your own house, coffee shop, diner, outside, wherever you can and must- in order to fulfill requirements of your client/ employer.

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Face once you get in the Game!
Face once you get in the Game! | Source

Ambition and Strong Will

Ambition and strong will for work will take you anywhere you want. Of course, when you're starting you have to prove yourself and skills to clients. Once you get couple of good feedback's, as shown below on image, will definitely separate you from others.

Top six tip's to stand-out before getting nice feedback's:

  1. Complete your profile up to 100%,
  2. Take test of "Readiness"
  3. Take test of at least "Basic English (US)/(UK) Knowledge..."
  4. Windows 7 Administration test
  5. Help Desk Certification Test
  6. And make your picture professionally looking, with a smile that will attract people

Example of some freelancer's profile feedbacks
Example of some freelancer's profile feedbacks | Source


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @DDE, I am really glad to see that I have regular readers on regular basis, and that you find my article(s) interesting to you! I am looking forward to make more, meanwhile please take a look at some of the Featured ones.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I like the interesting information here. A very helpful hub and I will check up on that site.


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