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Freelancing Tips: Why It is Important to Create a Category Focused Profile in Outsourcing platforms

Updated on January 11, 2013
Start a freelancing career, become your own boss
Start a freelancing career, become your own boss

Allow me to give you some tips on building a successful profile on outsourcing platforms.

Many freelancers, at the beginning, try bidding on different types of jobs. I remember I did the same thing. At that time, I only had account in *Scriptlance and as they allow unlimited bidding I was bidding on anything and everything that I have any idea about.

It is quite a normal attitude. As you are not getting any response from most of your bids (every newcomer has to go through this phase), you try different things hoping that this one or that one, anything will do, - I just need a job. OK, it is alright at the beginning but not alright after you have done a couple of projects.

Why build your freelancer profile on a particular category?

Because it will make your freelancing career more difficult. Let me explain, not sure I will be able to; I sometimes feel or understand things that I can't explain to others. I hope this is not that kind of a thing.

Let's say you focus on a single type of job. Eventually, you will become more expert on that particular type of job, you will gain more experience in that type in short time than you would have if you were doing multiple types. You will have more portfolio item and most importantly more feedback on that particular type of job to show to the buyers when bidding. You will understand the job even more and your cover letter will improve a lot as you will begin to understand what the buyer really wants and you will be able to explain it better.

The buyer would see, hey this guy has all his feedback (should be good ones) on a single type of job that I want done. He has a lot of experience and has done it before, many times.

Focusing on a particular type of job all the time>More Feedback>More chance of getting that type of job>Even more feedback>90% chance that if the price is right, you will get the job.

Most likely you are the one the buyer will choose. That will create a snowball effect, the more it rolls, the bigger it becomes. Another job done, another feedback on that particular type of job! That means more feedback to show, more experience. After some time, you will begin to get direct invitation from buyers for that kind of job. No more bidding and going through all those job descriptions and then you can really enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Remember, you are doing the same type of job for a long time, that means it has become easier than ever and takes less time. What a lovely situation it will be for you.

Don't just work hard, work hard with proper planning and knowledge
Don't just work hard, work hard with proper planning and knowledge

On the other hand, if you target multiple types of jobs and get a few feedbacks on each type, it will mean you can try different things but in all of those, there will be some guys with the situation mentioned above and you will have a hard time getting a job. Moreover, many buyers don't like one freelancer working on multiple types of projects. They want someone expert on a particular type of work. If you check, you will notice they hire multiple people for different types of work, if they want all from one, they would probably hire a web development company not individual freelancers.

Here, by a particular type of job, I don't mean a broad category. You should target a sub category like under "Writing and Translation" you can choose any of the sub categories like sales page writing, press release, blogging, transcription etc.

Hope this freelancing tip will help you with your freelancing career.

*Scriptlance is now owned by


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