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Freelancing Work at Home Opportunities

Updated on September 10, 2016

Instead of looking for work at home jobs, start freelancing to look for paying clients. There are lots of ways for independent workers to earn income.

Finding work at home jobs is difficult. There are a ton of self-employment scams out there, and there’s a lot of competition. For every job opportunity that appears through online job boards, there are potentially hundreds of would-be self-employed workers who are trying to get it. Instead of fighting through endless job listings and attempting to stand out from all those other applicants, cut out the middleman and start looking for clients. Start freelancing from home, and start making money.

Freelancing Opportunities

Want to work at home? There are lots of different ways that freelancers can earn income independently, without combing the job boards or wading through tons of self-employment scams.

  • Cartoonist. Professionals who like to draw and have a sense of humor can draw and sell their cartoons. Print media still exists and there’s a market there, but the Internet market is very wide open for cartoonists of all kinds. Lots of online papers would love to have fun drawings to accompany their text. Contact these sources and provide samples of work in order to find opportunities.
  • Greeting cards. The greeting card industry is gigantic, and companies that make them are always looking for poetry, pithy sayings and memorable expressions. Look for greeting card companies online to find their submission requirements and find out how to submit greeting card samples. Artists can also find opportunities in this field, because greeting cards need images as well as text.
  • Composition. Have musical talent? Tons of companies and individuals need original music for videos and advertising of all kinds.
  • Photography. Individuals and companies need professional photographers for many different reasons. Portraits, wedding photos, birthday parties – there are lots of events that require a photographer. Start advertising locally and put together a strong portfolio to find freelancing opportunities in this field.
  • Tailoring. Offer seamstress and alterations services. Lots of people need custom tailoring for their clothing. Big events like weddings would never be successful without it, and having clothes altered is a good way to make wardrobes last longer. Advertise locally to start gaining clients, and start earning money with this freelancing opportunity.

Working at Home

Working at home through freelancing is rife with possibility; there are many, many ways professionals can start earning money from home. Successfully freelancing to earn income takes a lot of self-marketing. Spread the word by printing business cards and flyers, by placing ads in local and online journals, and create a great website and portfolio that will impress potential clients.


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      Spottask - Work Or Hire Freelancers 18 months ago from India

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