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From Around the World: 20 Fabulous Infographics about Accounting and Taxes

Updated on March 20, 2015

Have you ever wonder what the best infographics are when it comes to accounting? Given that so many infographics exist, and more are appearing every day, it's hard to pick just 20. But here are the 20 that caught our attention:

Death and Taxes, or Just About Taxes

  1. How to Organize Your Receipts for Tax Time

    To avoid penalties from backfiling taxes, just get organized and get your tax receipts together.Here's how to organize your tax receipts.

  2. Small Businesses, Don't Overlook These Tax Write-Offs

    While we're on the subject of taxes, if you have a small business, you probably could use some write-offs. Here are a few that you might not have thought of.

  3. Five Steps For Filing A Back Tax Return (Infographic)

    Failed to file your taxes -- or are you late with them? You can get back on track in five steps with this infographic.

  4. A Guide To Moving And Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Occasionally moving happens. Here's how it looks when considering taxes and deductions.

  5. Essential Prep for Tax Day

    Filing taxes for the first time? Maybe an infographic will help make what seems incomprehensible clearer? This basic infographic give a basic rundown of what you need to do to pay Uncle Sam. Hiring an accountant is probably a better idea.

  6. Strange Taxes and Deductions

    If you're filing your taxes, you might as well hear about some strange taxes and some strange deductions you might just qualify for. Included are illegal drug taxes, blueberry taxes, and even a deer donation.

  7. Signs that You're About to Get Audited

    Nobody likes getting audited, which is why this infographic is especially important around tax season.

Favorite Infographics

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Government and Economies

  1. Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal: How $3.7 Trillion is Spent

    Ever wonder how the Government plans to spend the money from the taxpayers? Here's what the president proposed.

  2. How Coffee Affects the Global Economy

    How important is your morning addiction to the world economy? This infographic may just surprise you.

  3. Quantitative Easing

    What exactly is quantitative easing and why is it important to the economy? If you've every wondered about the term, this infographic makes the concepts a bit easier to understand.

  4. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Bitcoin [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Economy is economy -- whether it's the World's Economy or the Internet. Bitcoin is an unregulated type of currency that is outside of any nation. Understanding it may even give an accountant an idea of what the money of the future may look like.

Business and Banking

  1. Here's How Corporations Dodge Taxes

    We've all heard that the big guys avoid taxes, but how they do it may be a little hazy. Here's an infographic explaining how they avoid coughing up the money.

  2. Infographic: The Resurgence of the American Automotive Industry

    Not sure how the US auto industry has recovered? The Whitehouse provides a nifty infographic detailing how the auto industry has rebounded since the recession.

  3. Infographic: How free is your checking?

    Is that free checking account really free? The money comes from somewhere. Whether it's fees, higher balances, or other hidden charges, free isn't really free. And while there are free checking accounts, they are declining.

Accountant Stuff

  1. 7 Key Account Planning Best Practices [Infographic]

    Every accountant should be using the best practices for their business. While simple, it can help the accountant focus on important tasks.

  2. Career Options for Aspiring Accountants [infographic]

    Getting a degree in accounting? Here is a nifty infographic with possible career options.

Miscellaneous and Fun

  1. The NBA Lockout: Tax Implications of a Shortened Season

    Back in 2011, the NBA lockout had more than just disappointed fans. Leave it to an accounting firm to come up with the total loss due to the shortened season. (It was estimated about $273 million lost to the local economies.)

  2. The Taxes of Twilight: An Income Tax Breakdown of Breaking Dawn [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Ever wondered how set Bella will be if she married Edward? No, we weren't losing sleep over it either. But in case you wondered how much money you'd have if you were a vampire and had invested your money since the 17th century, this is the infographic for you.

  3. Envisioning the future of finance

    Better than a Ouija board and certainly more impressive looking, check out the future of finance infographic.

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