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Frugal Livng: I haven't purchased a bar of soap in over a year!

Updated on November 14, 2012

How to Make your Own Soap at Home

No, I am not a musty box of smelly underwear!

A couple of years back, I learned how to make soap. Now if there are any soap makers in the house, you know how tedious of a process this is!

You have to measure your oils and lye (sodium or potassium hydroxide) just right to make a decent bar of soap. And that task can be trying. I even purchase several books on soap making to get the craft down just right! And I finally managed to make soap the right away for myself and my family, thus not having the burden of spending extra funds on hygiene items. I simply make them at home!

But even the process of making soap is not a short. Even after making soap you have to let it sit or "cure" itself for at least a week or more. The lye is still reacting to the oil and needs to completely settle. If not, you will have very itching, almost burning soap because it has not completed it's reaction with the oils you used.

Yes, making soap takes some chemistry knowledge as well!

Additionally, if used neglectfully, lye can be extremely damaging to your skin and health!!

But, there is a way to make a very, very nice lathery soap without the use of lye.

African Black Soap is a type of soap made in various parts of African, especially Ghana. It is a process of taking ash from various plants, roots, and tree bark and mixing that with oils and letting that compound sit for a lengthy time. The "soap" is very concentrated and drying, many have reported, but just as many others report it working wonders for their skin problems.

It is a solid "soap" usually very dark brown, soft, and crumbles easily in the hands. It doesn't have a very distinct smell to it.

What I love the most about it is the fact that is almost all made of natural products.

You can purchase African Black soap anywhere. I usually can get a pound of it for pretty cheap from Amazon. Yes, raw African black soap comes in bar form but I will give you some steps to make it liquid form and less concentrated for your skin.

First, try to liquefy your African black soap at a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio; for example, one pound of the soap, 3 pounds of water. The less concentrated (drying) you want it, the more water you may want.

Second, either let the soap dissolve in room temperature water or you can let it dissolve in very hot water. I usually put mine in a crock pot. The warmer the water, the faster the soap will dissolve.

Third, after the soap is near completely dissolved and cooled, add your favorite oils. I personally like vegetable glycerin, avocado, hemp, argan and jojoba oils. A mild fragrance wouldn't hurt either but add fragrance VERY moderately. I mean, I would consider maybe 10 drops to a 32 ounce solution of liquid african black soap. Nothing more! Some fragrances and very concentrated and may irritate the skin.

Fourth, after the solution has completely cooled, put in some bottles for use. Do NOT put in plastic bottles if the solution is still hot!

Fifth, enjoy your new liquid African Black soap! Remember to shake slightly before every use. And depending on how much you made, you probably won't have to ever purchase commercial soap again!

These directions are not my own. I did a little Google-ing to come up with a way to liquefy African black soap. You can even find plenty of YouTube videos on the process and soap making in general.

Bottom line, you now know how to make a quick batch of lovely liquid soap for yourself and your family as well as saving a few bucks or two at the grocery store! Enjoy!


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    • kiranlani profile image

      RM Gylbert 5 years ago from Virginia

      haha probably not!

    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 5 years ago from Corona, CA

      These look like some of the health bars I've eaten. Probably wouldn't taste very good. Great tips and I'm going to try this tonight.