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Fun Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Updated on March 18, 2015
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Pink Flamingo InvasionUnique fundraisers are the bestTeens like fun competitions
Pink Flamingo Invasion
Pink Flamingo Invasion
Unique fundraisers are the best
Unique fundraisers are the best
Teens like fun competitions
Teens like fun competitions

Unique Ideas

  • Selfie Tour De Force
  • Pink Flamingo Invasion
  • Ball Drop
  • Don't Come Event

There are an enormous amount of fundraisers out there but not all of them are tailored to teenagers. I have picked out a few that I think are pretty cool and should get teenagers excited to get on board.

Selfie Tour DeForce

This is a fun bike ride around town that incorporates everyones favorite thing to do take selfies. Teens get sponsors to sponsor them in a scavenger hunt style bike ride around town. Group leaders have picked out up two 10 items or more in your local town or city and the teens have to bike ride to each location and take a selfie with each object. Objects might be a store, fire hydrant, a particular sign, etc. The first teen to upload selfies from all the locations or most of them before the allotted time runs out is the winner! The winner teen gets a cut of the money that all the teens earned through raising sponsors. But inevitably all the teens win because of the sponsor money they raised. Or you could make it so that everyone keeps what they raise and the teen that wins gets some other kind of prize.

Pink Flamingo Invasion

The teen group should acquire 10-15 pink flamingo lawn ornaments. They then "flamingo" someones yard. A note is tied around one of the flamingos necks. The note details the fundraiser and the contact information. For _______ of dollars the flamingos will be cleaned up and for ______ more, the flamingos can be placed in the yard of whomever the "flatmingo'd" person names. You can also pay for flamingo insurance. This is a fun amusing fundraiser that will get a rise out of everyone. Of coarse if you get a bad sport you will offer to clean them up regardless of if they pay or not. Try to do this with people you know. Family members of the teens involved or well know community or church members are best.

Flamingo Invasion

Ball Drop

Teens need to round up old golf ball or tennis balls, Each ball gets a number that coordinates with a ticket number. The tickets are sold off to the community. In a rented area of a park set up a makeshift golf hole. You can rent out a golf coarse whole for a few minutes too. On the given day the balls are dropped in the park or coarse. This is most fun if you can acquire a helicopter or crane to drop the balls. Anyway drop them from somewhere high so the balls can role. The one that goes into the hole or comes closest to the hole wins the prize.

Golf Ball Drop

Don't Come Event

This is defiantly one of the most creative ideas. It's so out there that it might just work. This is really just a creative way of asking for money. It's like coming up with biggest fanciest party you can think of whiteout doing all the work to plan it and put it together. Go all out, be creative, have a huge menu, awesome bands, a top notch speaker etc just be sure to clearly put on your flyer that this is a fake party! Then outline the details for which you are raising money and the contact information.Print the flayers up on really nice paper and mail them to anyone and everyone. Of coarse in all of these fundraisers be sure to buy and personally dress thank you cards for the people who donated to you.

I hope you enjoyed this

For more information on this subject check out my article:


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